Decker Chair in Community Health Nursing

Dr. G. Clifford and Florence B. Decker Endowed Chair in Community Health Nursing

The Decker chair in community health nursing was established through an endowment from the Dr. G. Clifford and Florence B. Decker Foundation. Since its conception three people have held this position. The current chair is Gale Spencer, a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Decker School of Nursing.

The chair is meant to enhance the ability of the Decker School to be innovative, experiment with new types of nursing care and influence the practice of graduate-level nursing. This is accomplished through the chair's unique ability to leverage all the resources of the school and its programs.

The Decker community health chair uses the position and office to:

  • Facilitate and influence existing nursing programs, curricula and clinical practice throughout the school and the community
  • Focus on creating new and emerging systems of delivering nursing care
  • Help to teach students how to create new systems of healthcare
  • Test and measure the effectiveness of care delivered to communities

The Decker community health chair is involved in the following types of activities:

  • Help improve community health nursing practices in Broome County
  • Develop new models of care by working with local human-services and community-health agencies
  • Promote research into nursing and its practices to help educate the next generation of students
  • Act in a teaching capacity for both undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Present an annual, open and free lecture/demonstration and/or symposium in conjunction with graduate students to local nursing faculty, nurses in practice and the general public