Message from the chair

Each of us had a unique Binghamton experience. Depending on when you were a student, the school was known as Triple Cities, Harpur, SUNY-B or Binghamton University. Some of us are Colonials; others are Bearcats. One thing we all have in common is a feeling of pride in Binghamton.

We received a fabulous education here, made wonderful friends and formed experiences that have stayed with us to the present day. There is a lot to feel thankful for, and many of us show gratitude by giving back to the University with a financial gift. (In fact, that's probably why you're visiting this part of the website!)

Be assured your alma mater is grateful for the support donors provide. Each time someone makes a gift, it says he or she believes in what the University is doing and what it aspires to become. Binghamton University is a premier public university and it's because of those who have been so generous.

I can tell you that more great outcomes are on the horizon. Binghamton will continue to transform into a University that is not just relevant in today's world, but striving to be ahead of the curve. The University will grow its reputation around the world while remaining true to its roots and strengthening bonds in the local community.

All of this won't come easily. That's why the Binghamton University Foundation and its Board of Directors work with the University to raise and manage money to support the school's mission. Your support helps us provide scholarships, fund important cutting-edge research and enhance programs that enrich our students' educational experience.

Take a moment to imagine the far-reaching impact of all of that and where you can fit in. I ask you to consider making an investment in our University. A gift of any size matters.

Sheldon Goldfarb '73What can you share with us? The Binghamton of tomorrow starts with you.

Sheldon I. Goldfarb '73
Chair, Binghamton University Foundation Board of Directors