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What to Know About Certifying Funds

Binghamton University attracts the finest students from all over the world. Along with a valued perspective and unique experiences, international graduate students also bring special admission requirements.

Prospective graduate students looking to receive an F-1 or J-1 visa must complete an International Student Financial Statement. This form demonstrates that the student would be able to support themselves, and any dependent spouses or children, if admitted into Binghamton.

Students may still be offered additional funding even if they show they have their own sufficient, independent financial resources. While a student can be admitted without these materials an I-20 will not be issued until it is submitted.

A student's own personal funds and foreign government/university funds may be used. If a relative is sponsoring the student, that person must also sign the International Student Financial Statement. Students should only submit official, original bank documents. Parent affidavits and photocopies of bank documents will not be accepted. Funds should be cash assets, such as savings accounts, stocks, bonds or annuities.

All supporting financial documents must be in English and be dated less than one year before the anticipated start of the program. Documents from a student's native government or home university must include their name, degree level, major, the amount and duration of the award and the name of the institution providing the funds.

The amount of funds, in US dollars, a prospective student needs depends on the program of study at Binghamton. Those pursuing an MBA must show they have at least $44,100 in funds. Nursing PhD students must show at least $53,100, and Doctor of Pharmacy students must show at least $56,800. Students pursuing any other type of graduate-level degree must show at least $42,300 in available funds.

Questions regarding this process can be sent to or by calling 607-777-2114.

Form: International Student Financial Statement