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Panhellenic Recruitment Information

Member chapters of the Panhellenic Council conduct recruitment in order to gain new members. While chapters may have the opportunity to recruit in both the fall and the spring, Formal Recruitment only takes place during the spring semester.

​Fall Recruitment 2018 will take place from September 12th-16th and Bid Day will be September 17th. Sororities recruiting this fall will be: Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. Only sophomores, juniors, seniors and transfer students who have earned 12 credits are permitted to rush at this time. Every women participating in recruitment must be a full-time undergraduate student enrolled at Binghamton University and have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale. Two GIMs for Fall Recruitment will be held during the first week of September.

Details pertaining to Spring Recruitment 2018 will be announced later this semester and all social sororities within the Panhellenic Council will participate in recruitment.

*Note: Eligibility does NOT guarantee a membership bid. Women who are in the Binghamton Advantage Program (BAP) are NOT allowed to participate in either Fall or Spring Recruitment.

If you have any questions contact our Recruitment Chair, Steph Gross, at


Rights of Potential New Members

As a potential new member going through sorority recruitment, you are entitled to be treated in a respectful and professional manner. If any organization or individual treats you in a way that you see to be unfit, please do not hesitate to contact either your Rho Chi or Recruitment Chair regarding this matter.


Recruitment Tips

1. Be yourself! The sorority women want to get to know the real you.

2. Keep an open mind. Don't go into a sorority's room with preconceived notions, you never know which organizations you'll end up loving the most!

3. Utilize your Rho Chi. Feel free to ask her to answer any questions you may have. She will give you her unbiased answer and will help you in any way she can.

4. Ask questions during rounds. When having conversations with the sorority members, ask any questions that are important to you. Think of what you want to get out of the Greek life experience and ask questions regarding that. This will help you decide which organization is best for you.

5. Be polite. Even if you are not interested in a group, it is important to still be courteous. You may even change your mind!

6. Be mature in your decision-making. Don't preference sororities based on others' opinions. You should be realistic about which women you enjoyed the most and feel most comfortable around.

7. Get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to recruitment. Also, eat wholesome meals before rounds, we ill have some pizza for your break rounds but you don't know when that will be.

8. Dress comfortably, especially when it comes to footwear! Recruitment days are long and tiring and will require a lot of standing.

Last Updated: 9/13/18