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Binghamton University students have participated in summer, semester, and academic-year programs in a variety of Russian colleges and universities. Here are some comments by students about their experiences in Russia through various types of work/study abroad. In most cases, courses taken in Russia will transfer to Binghamton for credit towards your Russian major, but it's best to meet with the Russian Studies advisor to discuss your study program before you go. In addition to the programs described below by students, you can find a directory of programs here.*

It's also possible to spend a year in Russia through programs like the Fulbright research or language-teaching assistant program. Learn about the Fulbright program in Russia here.

Summer Programs:

Kazan, Christine Hubbard

Novgorod, Elise DeSantis

Novgorod, Christine Hubbard

Moscow, Emily Elliott

Rural Russia, Peter Ward


Winter Programs:

Moscow, Alice Genkin


Semester Programs:


Year-Long Programs:

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Kazan, Omar Mohamad

For more information on study abroad programs visit the Office of International Programs web-site.


More student testimonials:

  • Hannah Lundeen ('16) and Benjamin Chen ('18) report back on their experiences studying in St. Petersburg on the Stony Brook program in summer, 2016
Hannah Lundeen: "This summer I had the privilege of spending a month in St. Petersburg, Russia. After three years of studying Russian language, literature, culture, and history at Binghamton University, I was able earn the last credits needed to complete my Russian and Eastern European Studies major while walking along the Neva, wandering through the Hermitage, and riding a Soviet Era bicycle around my host family’s dacha. I not only saw the Bronze Horseman referenced in Pushkin’s poems but also studied at a university where Pushkin himself once graced its halls. St. Petersburg was more than I imagined. The history and architecture is mesmerizing, and the White Nights left me sleepless but completely exhilarated. Being able to walk around at three in the morning as the sun and the bridges rose at the same time is a memory that I will not easily forget. Being able to spend the summer in St. Petersburg was the perfect way to complete my Russian major, and I cannot wait to go back."
Benjamin Chen: "Last summer, I made a decision to go to St. Petersburg in Russia, knowing nobody and nothing about the city beforehand. At first, I was nervous. But as I slowly assimilated into Russian culture, I was excited. I was excited to learn about the history behind the cultural capital of Russia. I was excited to live in a home stay family, who was so endearing and fed me delicious home-cooked meals. I was excited to meet Russian friends who would help me improve my fluency. But most of all, I was excited of the change I saw in myself. After six weeks, I improved myself as a person in so many ways imaginable. Now I speak better Russian, I am more confident, and I have a better sense of my goals and values. It is truly amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. I did that last summer, and hope that any prospective students do the same."
  • Omar Mohamad had this to say about his year as a Fulbright teaching assistant in Kazan:

"My year-long stay in Kazan was for many reasons an eye opening experience. For one, not only was I exposed to the true variety of cultures and people within Russia, but also to the many voices, opinions, ideas, and aspects of Russian life. Also, in this instance, I wasn't studying abroad, but rather teaching English abroad, as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. I wasn't surrounded by other Americans as I had been in Novgorod, but I was rather constantly interacting with Russians, Tatars, professionals, teachers, and students, and people from different walks of life in the Russian Federation."

Read more here.

  • Andy Temple ('11) wrote about his semester in St. Petersburg, "The cultural capital of Russia is the best place to be in the country. I studied abroad there in the fall of 2009, and it was the best experience of my life." Read more here.


* Please note: Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that this fact may impede their eligibility for study abroad. Students who have concerns about such matters are advised to contact the office of International Education and Global Initiatives.



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