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Planning Worksheets

Here are some helpful worksheets which may be of service to you when planning your schedules, or your long term plan:

Advising Planning Worksheet (.pdf 93.5kb)
This sheet is designed to help you track your progress towards GenEd, Harpur, and major/minor requirements. You can use this sheet to map out your schedule for future semesters. 

Daily Schedule: Regular (.pdf, 16kb) and Excel (.xls, 20kb) formats.
Use this sheet to help you arrange your daily schedules when registering for classes for the semester. Be sure to consider travel time between classes and time for studying or class preparation.

Monthly Goal Setting / Blank Monthly Calendar(.pdf, 45kb) 
Use this monthly view to plan your exams, appointments and events. This is also a handy tool for monthly goal-setting.

Summer Planning and Goal-Setting(.pdf, 33kb) 
This form was developed for the "Making the Most of Summer" advising workshop. Download this form to guide you when setting goals, and planning time in the summer months.

General Education Checklists
The General Education Program has developed useful checklists for each academic year, which will allow you track your General Education fulfillment.

Calculating GPA
You can use these handy tools to help you calculate your current, future or potential GPA.

Last Updated: 7/2/19