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Harpur College Major/Minor Advising

The following is a list of our Harpur College departments and programs offering undergraduate degrees, certificates or minors at Binghamton University. Click on the links below to learn more about the listed department, it's faculty and their degree programs. You can also explore degree requirements by visiting the University BULLETIN 

Ready to Declare your Major or Minor?

Students are able to declare their major or minor in the department. Each department has specific instructions on how to declare. Click here to find out the instructions for your intended major or minor department!

Click on the links below to view departmental websites.  Major and minor requirements can be found on the University Bulletin.

Department Homepage
Undergraduate Director
(Fall 2018)
Department Office Location
Department Phone
Africana Studies Anne Bailey LN 1202 7-2635
Anthropology Rolf Quam S1 137  7-2737
Art and Design Blazo Kovacevic FA 223 7-2667
Art History Julia Walker FA 219 7-2112
Asian and Asian-American Studies Sonja Kim LSG 654 7-4522 
Biochemistry Susan Bane SN 1018 7-2927
Biological Sciences Carol Miles S3 210 7-2438
  Kathleen Horwath    
Chemistry Rebecca Kissling S2 236 7-2517
Cinema Ariana Gerstein SW B41 7-4998
Classical and Near Eastern Studies Mary Youssef LT 510 7-6709
Comparative Literature Luiza Moreira LT 1503 7-2891
Economics Wei Xiao LT 909 7-2572
English, General Literature and Rhetoric Monika Mehta LN 1149 7-2422
Environmental Studies Joyce Kruger-Knuepfer S1 150 7-4378
Geography Jay Newberry
OJ 102B 7-2755
  Wan Yu
Geology Peter Kneupfer S1 150 7-4378
German and Russian Studies Harald Zils (German) LT 1404 7-2656
  Nancy Tittler (Russian)    
History Elizabeth Casteen
(Undergraduate Director)
LT 710 7-2625 
  Matthew Hollis (Undergraduate Advisor)    
Individualized Major Program (IMP) Alex Jablonski OH 110 7-6305
Integrative Neuroscience
(previously Psychobiology)
Christopher Bishop
(Program Director)
S4 374 7-4100
  Barbara Luka (Undergraduate Advisor)  S4 175  
Judaic Studies Jonathan Karp LT 1307 7-3070
Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Nancy Applebaum
LT 1109 7-4250
Linguistics Doug Glick S1 137 7-2737
Mathematical Sciences Xingye Qiao WH 122A 7-2148
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Sean Dunwoody LN 1129 7-2730
Music Paul Schleuse FA 165 7-2589
Philosophy Melissa Zinkin LT 1207 7-3616
Philosophy, Politics, and Law Anthony Reeves LT 1207 7-3616
Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy Masatsugu Suzuki SN 2202 7-2217
Political Science Greg Robinson LNG 80 7-2252
Psychology Peter Gerhardstein
(Undergraduate Director)
S4 366 7-2334
  Barbara Luka (Undergraduate Advisor) S4 175  
Romance Languages and Literatures Dora Polachek LN 2216 7-2645
Sociology Mahua Sarkar LT 407 7-2628 
Theatre Barbara Wolfe FA 124 7-6968
Women Gender and Sexuality Studies Benita Roth
(Undergraduate Director)
LN 2408 7-2815
  Dara Silberstein 
(Undergraduate Advisor)


Minors & Concentrations

Human Rights Institute (minor only)

Alexanda Moore (Co-Director)

LNG 100


David Cingranelli (Co-Director)


Global Learning Initiatives (minor only)

Bill Pavlovich
(Program Coordinator)

LN 2204


Middle East and North African Studies 
(concentration only)

Omid Ghaemmaghami
(Interim Director)

LT 510 


Religious Studies (minor only)

Doug Jones

LT 1307 


Translation Research and Instruction
(minor only)

Chenqing Song

LT 1410


Writing Initiative (no major or minor)

Sean Fenty

LN 2411



Last Updated: 2/1/19