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Human Rights Studies Online (to access, sign in through your Binghamton PODS account) :
A research and learning database providing comparative documentation, analysis, and interpretation of major human rights violations and atrocity crimes worldwide from 1900 to 2010. Includes approx.150 hours of video.

Working papers series

The Citizenship, Rights, and Cultural Belonging Working Papers Series invites submissions that fit with the series’ themes, including human rights. Submissions are welcome from all disciplines as well as inter-disciplinary, multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary perspectives.

To submit your paper, email the abstract and the paper in separate files (Word preferred, pdf accepted) to both co-editors:

When your paper is accepted, you will receive the series number and instructions on formatting the final copy. Our editorial services include an in-house review.

Previously published papers in the series:

No. 101 William B. Heller and Olga Shvetsova. “The Ouroborous of Political Institutions: Party Rules in Institutional Context.” October 2016

No. 102 Mohammed Rodwan Abouharb, David L. Cingranelli, and Mikhail G. Filippov. "International Organizations and the Quality of Domestic Governance: the Multiple Principals Problem." October 2016