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Israel Studies at Binghamton offers undergraduate students courses, lectures, programs, grants and fellowships to examine the history, literature, and culture of modern Israel. Grants are available to support undergraduate research and creative work.

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Minor in Israel Studies

A new minor in Israel Studies allows students to pursue research and coursework in the history, politics, literatures, and cultures of Modern Israel.

The minor requires six courses, including History of Modern Israel, and a course in state and society.| Read More

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Featured Courses Spring 2019

Israeli Coming-of-Age Narratives - ISRL 205 - Gen Ed: H (Prof Libman) - At the center of Coming-of-Age Narratives stands a protagonist in the process of becoming: a youngster being educated, learning about themselves, about the world, and about life, overcoming obstacles, maturing, forming their identity. In this class, we will explore the thematic and structural characteristics of such narratives, focusing on Israeli examples in their historical and cultural contexts. 

Cultures and Society in Israel - ISRL 227 - Gen Ed: G, N (McCabe) - This course is a study of the many religious, ethnic, political, and linguistic dimensions of modern Israeli culture and society. It examines the forces that affect them, the divides between them, their interactions with each other, and their manifestations in music, film, art, and literature. This course will also have a strong emphasis on the use of Jewish law in Israel, intermarriage, non-Orthodox conversion, and Jewish minority groups (such as the Falash Mura, Beni Menashe and Bnei Ephraim).

Israeli Palestinian Conflict in Literature - ISRL 327 - Gen Ed: H, O (Prof Libman) - The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been represented in a wide body of Israeli and Palestinian literary works of varied genres. In this course, we will read, analyze and discuss, side by side, poems, short stories and novels by both Israeli and Palestinian writers exploring questions of homeland, exile and return, longing and belonging, Self and Other. We will examine the relationships between historical, political and literary narratives, and the ways in which images and metaphors both reflect and shape national affinities. We will also juxtapose the geo-political conflict with other core issues such as religion, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

At Home in the Diaspora - ISRL 380C - Gen Ed: W (Prof Arkush) - This course will trace the emergence of positive attitudes toward the worldwide dispersion of the Jews from the 19th century to the present. It will examine the rejection of the idea that Jews living outside of Palestine are by definition in Exile, the diverse ideologies of the proponents of diaspora nationalism, the diasporists' critique of Zionism and their involvement in the establishment of alternative Jewish homelands – both in fact and in fiction.

ISRL-PALS Conflict - ISRL 385Z - Gen Ed: G, N (Prof Rabineau) - This course will examine the origins of the Arab-Israeli dispute from the mid-nineteenth century through the founding of the state of Israel and expulsion/flight of three quarters of a million Palestinians from their homes till the present day. Among the topics to be examined: the social history of Palestine up to Zionist colonization, the origins of Zionism and Palestinian nationalism, varieties of Zionism, Zionism and colonialism, seminal events and their consequent symbolic connotations (the 1936 "Great Revolt," the 1948 "Nakba" [disaster]) and creation of the state of Israel, the construction of a national consensus in Israel, 1967 and its aftermath, the intifada, and the redefinition of the conflict as a result of Oslo, the second intifada, the security fence, HAMAS, Hizbollah and the Lebanon War.

Environmental History of Israel - ISRL 427 - Gen Ed: G, N (Prof Rabineau) - This course focuses the problems and possibilities associated with settling large numbers of people in the contested land of Israel-Palestine with its limited natural resources, and examines the dynamics between environmental issues, politics, technology, and military conflict in the modern Middle East.

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CIS Simulation: "Deal of the Century" in Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

Sunday| 28 April| TBD | LN 1106

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