Student Technology Updates


Fall - Winter 2019 Student Technology Updates for Spring 2020

To prepare for the Spring 2020 Semester, the following upgrades were made:

  • Added additional sign-in option to SSL VPN website called BU DOMAIN USERS
  • Google added new Chrome tool that protects users’ passwords  - a “Password Checkup” feather that warns users if their username and password may have been compromised in a data breach. 
  • External Email Tags Help to Combat Problematic Impersonation and Phishing Email Messages
  • Windows 7 is no longer supported on campus
  • Public Computing Area software upgrades/additions, all are PCs running Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 10 critical update
  • KNOWBE4 required security training was initiated
  • Print quotas were reset for the Spring semester
  • BioMedical Engineering department purchased an additional printer for the Pharos Student Printing system
  • University Union printer has been relocated to the newly renovated "Undergrounds" in the southeast corner (under Dunkin')
  • Printer in the Bartle Graduate Commons has been upgraded to a Xerox VersaLink B610

Summer 2019 Student Technology Updates

To prepare for the Fall 2019 Semester, the following upgrades were made:

  • Added increased outdoor Wi-Fi coverage in and around Bartle
  • Spectrum University Live TV Streaming (SpectrumU) is now available to all students living in residence halls on campus.
  • Replaced Macs in Bartle Info Commons and AAG14
  • Replaced Printers in Bartle Info Commons
  • Modified 7 Print@Binghamton printers to be "Release Stations" so students can see their print queue before it prints; other Print@Binghamton printers remain Quick Release (tap & print)
  • Replaced PCs in Science Library
  • Replaced LNG 103 linux computers with Windows computers and a Virtual Linux Lab (only accessible from LNG 103)
  • Upgraded to Office 2019 in the computer labs

Spring 2019 Student Technology Updates

To prepare for the Spring 2019 Semester, many upgrades and changes have occurred over the end of the Fall Semester and break which include the following:

  • New student print quotas and upgraded printing system - Students can use the Print@Binghamton printing system to print to a fleet of black/white and color printers located in ITS Computer Labs around campus. All registered students will receive a quota of $43.50 at the start of the semester (Jan. 17, 2019).

  • Google Drive and U-Drive These storage options are fully implemented and available for student backup and storage. 

  • Connect to eduroam NOW
    (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide wireless internet access service developed for the international research and education community. Students, researchers, faculty, and staff can connect to participating institutions' wireless networks with their home institution's user credentials. As of February 5, 2019, eduroam is the only wireless access service for the university. Go to the eduroam page for more information.

  • Phishing awareness is addressed and made aware of to the campus via communications and the ITS site. Visit and the ITS security pages for more information on simple methods to backup data and for preventative ways to keep devices safe and secure. 

  • VDI upgrades - Virtual Desktop at Binghamton University is accessed via the link or the VMware Horizon Client . It provides on and off-campus access to statistical, math and engineering packages such as Matlab, SPSS, STATA, SAS, Atlas.Ti, NVivo, Creo, and Microsoft Office, among others.

  • - The password page has been updated and now updates your Bmail and Computer Account password when you change or reset your password. It also uses your emergency contact information to verify your identity when resetting your password.

  • Academic A upgrades - Computers and rooms have been upgraded and redesigned rooms.

  • Science II Public Computing Labs closed due to major building renovations.

Spring 2018 Student Technology Updates

Single Sign On System Upgrade
Over the winter break ITS upgraded the Single Sign On system from CAS version 3.x to CAS version 5.x. The new Single Sign On page is visually different from the old Single Sign On page but there are no differences in functionality.

Phone System Upgrade/Desktop Communicator
Over winter break ITS upgraded the ShoreTel phone and voicemail system. If you use the ShoreTel client (ShoreTel Communicator) on your computer you will need to upgrade the client to the Mitel Connect Client to use it with the new system. Additional information about the Mitel Connect Client is available on the Telecommunications website.

The campus Voip phone system, ShoreTel, has transitioned to Mitel. As a result, an upgrade to our campus system is necessary. Phone services will be unavailable from 9 a.m. - noon on Wed., Dec. 27. Both inbound and outbound calls will not work while work is completed for the upgrade. Additionally, the desktop communicator application will no longer work for our phones as of Dec. 27. Users will need to go to the Telecommunications website and install the connect communicator. The connect communicator offers the same features and functionality as the current desktop communicator, as well as some additional features. For more information, contact the Telecommunications office at 607-777-2524 or send an email to

Printing Credit Refresh
Student Printing credits will be reset for the Spring Semester on Jan. 15th. Students who are registered for the Spring Semester will receive $43.50 in Student Printing credits. Students who are not registered for Spring Semester will not receive Student Printing credits but can still print using their BUC$ account. For more information about Student Printing, visit the Student Printing page.

BingView upgrade
During the fall semester, ITS and Watson IT worked together to upgrade the BingView Virtual Desktop (VDI) environment with graphics acceleration (GPU) capabilities. The GPU capabilities improve the performance of graphics intensive applications such as PTC Creo, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, etc. in the BingView environment. to Allows students to access the specialized applications that Binghamton University has regardless of operating system and the ability to access the systems from anywhere; including off campus. For more information visit the ITS home page.

BU Brain update
BU Brain is where the student's official course list is located.