Technology Support Services: Technical Support


Technical Support provides "cradle-to-grave" support for all University owned computer equipment and devices to include: price quotations for devices, new computers and printers, PC and printer setup, diagnostic analysis, hardware repair and recycling.

Purchasing New Computer Equipment

Technical Support will provide price quotations for computers, tablets, and printers. Departments interested in buying equipment should request a price quote  or contact the ITS Help Desk at x7-6420 before ordering computer equipment. ITS works with multiple vendors, including vendors on state contract, to find the best pricing for the University. ITS supports and provides warranty repair services for Dell and Apple devices purchased for the University. Please visit the Hardware/Software page for more info.

Recommended Minimum Configuration (Dell & Apple):

  • Windows 10 Pro or MacOS X
  • Intel i5 or i7 Processor
  • 8GB Memory; 16GB preferred
  • 256 GB Hard-Drive; Solid State Drive (SSD) Preferred
  • 3 yr. On-site warranty

Concierge Service

Pickup and delivery of computer equipment can be arranged by calling the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420.

Faculty and staff are still welcome to drop their computers off for repair at the ITS Help Desk anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Make your request to use to Concierge Service when reporting your problem to the ITS Help Desk.

Computer Recycling

ITS will recycle computers and printers according to the "Recycling Computer Equipment" policy.

Equipment can be redeployed or scrapped. Contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

STORAGE: Network Share Drives

ITS encourages Faculty and Staff to use Network Storage (H: and/or S: drives) to store their files for the following reasons:

  • Network Storage allows files to be securely accessible from anywhere when Internet access is available by using SSL.
  • Network Storage is automatically backed up by ITS.
  • Space availability is flexible.
  • Local storage (ie. your PC, Mac, flash drive, etc.) is often not backed-up in case of hardware failure or corruption due to malware or viruses.

Individuals can have secure drive space that is intended for your confidential files (non-sharable) of 5GB by default. This network drive space is usually mapped with the letter "H:" (for home drive). Additional space can be given if necessary, and available.

Departments can request a shared network drive be created to allow collaboration. These network shares are typically mapped to the letter "S:" (for shared drive). Default space for department shares is 5GB per department user. A department consisting of 5 people would get 25GB (5GB x 5 people) to start. Additional space can be given if necessary, and available.

Network Share Drives are backed up nightly by a central backup system that allows us to recover erased or modified files for as long as six months after deletion or modification.

Mapping a Network Drive:

Go to My computer
Tools -> Map Network Drive
Select Drive: H, or S
For S drive (department shared folder)
Folder: \\\departmentdrivename
For H drive (personal drive, must include "$" after your BGM User ID)
Folder: \\\BGMuserID$
Make sure to click the box that says reconnect at logon.
In order to connect to Firestone from a computer that does not log on to BGM at startup, you must use different credentials to connect, then provide the user name as BGM\BGMuserID in the login box.

In the Finder, click on the Go menu, select Connect to Server.
Enter the address for the resource you wish to map.
Enter your network password when prompted (bgm\BGMuserID), or BU log in.
A new icon should appear on the desktop. That is your mapped network drive.

Google Drive
Binghamton University has access to Google Apps, including Google Drive. Google Drive offers unlimited storage for current faculty, staff and students. ITS recommends users install and use Drive File Stream to use Google Drive.

Network Printers

Information Technology Services (ITS) sets up network printers on Beechwood for University departments. To print to a network printer, visit: Network Printer Setup.
Contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 to have a printer connected to the network... For adding University Printers to your University machine, click here.

Computer Repair

ITS provides a computer repair service for University owned computer equipment. Dell and Apple certified technicians will diagnose, provide cost estimates for repairs, and complete repairs. Contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 to log a repair call.

Laptop Loaner Program

Faculty and staff who have University owned computer equipment being repaired by ITS will be able to utilize the Laptop Loaner Program Procedure to borrow a laptop during the time their computer is being diagnosed and repaired.

Hardware and Software

Information regarding University and personally owned hardware, and what software is currently available, and more...