Setting up Authy

Authy Application

Authy is an application that installs on your selected device and produces a 6-digit code for you to use in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 

While highly versatile, Authy is the most complex option available for setting up and configuring 2FA. For first time users, Google Authenticator (from mobile phones) and Authenticator (for web browsers) are recommended simpler options.
Setting up Two-Factor-Authentication does not not require that you change any existing Binghamton University passwords. If you do not wish to change your password(s), you may fully ignore any options or prompts implying that you should do so.
  1. Visit and download the application for your device.

  2. Install Authy on your selected device. 
  3. Input your phone number and email addressAdd email and phone number
  4. Click the to add an account.Click plus symbol
  5. Visit
  6. Log in using your username and password.
     CAS Login Screen
  7. Select the Create New Token button.
    Create new Token
  8. Fill out the form.
    1. Select Default (TOTP) 
    2. Select your device
    3. Add date of birth2FA Form
  9. Copy the text under the QR Code to your clipboard.Copy Code
  10. Paste text from clipboard into Authy and click Add AccountPaste Code in Authy
    1. Add a name for your connection.
    2. Select a key color.
    3. Select six-digit under token length.
    4. Click Save.Account Name Form
  11. You can now generate six-digit codes for your One-Time Password (OTP).Authy Code
  12. Input your six-digit code into the One-Time-Password verification area and click Submit.Paste Code to Verify