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Past Programs


Note:  All speakers/presenters are identified by their institutional affiliation at the time of their participation.  Many have since moved on to other institutions or retired, and some have passed away. 


Spring 1986 

  • Great Jewish Thinkers
    • Leon J. Goldstein (SUNY Binghamton), “Philo”
    • Norman Stillman  (SUNY Binghamton), “Maimonides”
    • David Biale (SUNY Binghamton), “Rosenzweig” 
  • The Holocaust 
    • Deborah Hertz (SUNY Binghamton), “Three Main Causes”; “Machinery of Murder”
    • Steven Katz (Cornell University), “Theological & Philosophical Responses” 
  • Black-Jewish Relations in America
    • David McBride  (SUNY Binghamton), “The American Revolution and Slavery”
    • Paul Finkelman  (SUNY Binghamton), “Blacks, Jews and Urban America”
    • David McBride and Paul Finkelman (SUNY Binghamton, “Black/Jewish Protest”  

Fall 1986 

  • Modern Hebrew :  Introductory Course
    • Shalom Shoer   (JSU Coordinator at SUNY Binghamton) 
  • Festival of Jewish Arts – Music
    • Sam Chianis  (SUNY Binghamton), “ Ethnic Music”
    • Judith Fertig  (Consultant for UAHC), “Synagogue Music”
    • Philip Friedheim  (SUNY Binghamton), “American-Jewish Composers” 
  • Festival of Jewish Arts - Theater and Cinema
    • Michael Taub  (SUNY Binghamton), “Romanian Yiddish Theater”
    •  Atay Citron  (Tel Aviv University, Israel), “Jewish Pagentry in U.S.  Cinema” 
  • Festival of Jewish Arts – Art
    • Tobi Kahn (artist), “Jewish Arti-fact and Fiction”
    • Cissy Grossman  (curator), “Jewish Meaning in 20th Century” 
  • Festival of Jewish Arts – Literature
    • Milton Kessler (SUNY Binghamton), “American Jewish Poetry”
    • Barry Targan (SUNY Binghamton), “American Jewish Fiction”  

Spring 1987 

  • Three Genres of Rabbinic Literature
    • Samuel Morell (SUNY Binghamton), “Midrashic Literature”; “Talmudic Discourse”; “Medieval Biblical Commentray”         
  • American Jewish Experience
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (SUNY Binghamton), “In the Beginning 1654-1820”; “The Jewish   Community of New York”; “Organizing the Zionist Movement” 
  • American Jewish Biography
    • Paul Finkelman  (SUNY Binghamton), “Louis D. Brandeis”
    • Melvyn Dubofsky (SUNY Binghamton), “Sidney Hillman and the Labor Movement”
    • Edward Weisband (SUNY Binghamton), “Henry Kissinger” 

Fall 1987 

  • The Literary Character of Biblical Narrative – six classes
    • Gary Rendsburg   (Cornell University) 
  • The City of David
    • Jan Gunneweg  (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), “The Archeology of Jerusalem”
  • Modern Hebrew – Beginner, Advance Beginner – twelve sessions    
    • Shalom Shoer  (SUNY Binghamton)  

Spring 1988 

  • The Golden Age of German Jewry
    • Allan Arkush  (SUNY Binghamton), “Out of the Ghetto: The Life and Thought of Moses Mendelssohn”; “Brothers or Strangers? German Jews & Jews of Eastern Europe”; Fatherland or Promised Land? German Jews and Zionism”
    • Rabbi Elihu Schagrin  (Temple Concord), “Integration or Assimilation? German-Jewish Basis of American Judaism”     
    • Judy Fertig (UAHC -  PA Region), “The Musical Legacy of the German Synagogue: Presentation of the Music of Salomon Sulzer and Louis Lewandowski”  

Fall 1988 

  • The Middle East in Turmoil
    • Norman Stillman (SUNY Binghamton), “Jews & Arabs, Historical Encounter”; “The Struggle for Palestine: When Nationalisms Collide”
    • Laurie Mylroie (Harvard University), “From War to War: Israel and Its Neighbors”
    • Don Peretz  (SUNY Binghamton), “The Palestinians-Another Perspective”
    • Yosef Olmert (Tel Aviv University), “The Many Shades of Israeli Politics”           
  • A Panel Discussion-  Differing Points of View
    • N. Theodore Sommer  (Attorney), moderator
    • Werner Dannhauser   (Cornell University), Panelist
    • Carrie Rosefsky   (Princeton University), Panelist
    • Don Peretz (SUNY Binghamotn), Panelist
    • Lance Sussman (SUNY Binghamton), Panelist
    • Michael Taub (SUNY Binghamton), Panlist 

Spring 1989 

  • Religion, Politics and Jewish Communities Around the World 
    The Situations in Israel; … in the Soviet Union; … in the United States
    • Yosef Olmert (Tel Aviv University), “The Situation in Israel”
    • Alice and Alexander Nakhimovsky (Colgate University), “The Situation in the Soviet Union”
    • Lance Sussman  (SUNY Binghamton) , “The Situation in the United States” 
  • Yiddish Literature: Sholem Aleichem:Jewish Life Through Humor - four classes  
    • Michael Taub   (SUNY Binghamton) 

Fall 1989 

  • American Jewry Facing the 21st Century
    • Rabbi Wolfe Kelman (Jewish Theological Seminary of America), “Toward an Agenda for    American Jews”
    • Raphael Danziger (American Jewish Congress), “Israeli/American Jewish Relations: New Forms and Directions”
    • Shelly Tenenbaum (Clark University), “The Changing American Jewish Community: Will It Thrive or Decline?”
    • Lance Sussman (SUNY Binghamton), “The Uncertain Future of the American Synagogue”
    • Zev Hymowitz(Jewish Welfare Board), “Trends in Jewish Communal Life: Problems and Priorities” 

Spring 1990 

  • Jewish Humor – Past & Present
    • Philip Klass (Historian of Jewish Humor), “Jewish Humor Across the Atlantic”
    • Joseph Landis (Queens College of CUNY), “Folk Humor”
    • Michael Steinlauf  (Gratz College), “From Purimshpil to Yiddish Theater: Every Day a Purim”
    • Michael Taub  (SUNY Binghamton) & Bill Gorman (Vestal High School), “Humorous Readings from Famous Authors” 

Fall 1990 

  • Diaspora Today
    • Rabbi Elihu Schagrin (Temple Concord), “Jewish Life in Australia: The Edge of the  Diaspora”
    • Yedida Stillman and Norman Stillman,(SUNY Binghamton) , “The Jews of Morocco: Past, Present, and Future”
    • Rabbi Andre Ungar (Temple Emanuel in Woodcliffe Lake, NJ), South Africa: Jews Under Apartheid and After”
    • Michael Steinlauf (Gratz College), “Remembering the Place” Traces of the Jewish Past in Contemporary Poland” 

Spring 1991 

  • Digging into the Past:  Jews from the Year One
    • Stanley Isser (SUNY Albany), “Greco-Roman Period: An Audio Visual Presentation of Jewish Life in the 1st Century”
    • Reverend Carl E. Roemer (Chaplain at Binghamton Psychiatric Center), “Jesus and 1st Century Judaism”
    • Yaakov Elman(Yeshiva University), “New Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls”

Fall 1991 

  • Israel in the 90’s- Politics and Society
    • Mitchell Cohen  (Bernard Baruch College of CUNY), “The Politics of Israel: Past & Future”
    • Joel Bainerman  (Economic Affairs Columnist, The Jerusalem Post), “Impact of Ethiopian and Soviet Jewish Aliyah”
    • Samuel Heilman (Queens College of CUNY), “No Separation of Religion and State: The Case of Israel”

Spring 1992

  • The Sephardic Experience – Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Expulsion of Jews from Spain
    • Renee Levine-Melamed (Franklin & Marshall College), “The Crypto-Jews (Marranos) of Spain”
    • Rabbi M. Mitchell Serels (Yeshiva University), “Sephardic Customs & Languages”
    • Reginetta Haboucha  , “(Lehman College, CUNY), “Image of Women in Judeo-Spanish Oral Narrative” 

Fall 1992

  • On One Foot: Basic Judaism in Seven Sessions
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (Temple Concord and Binghamton University), “From Abraham to Ben Gurion: A Bird’s Eye View of Jewish History”; From Moses to Herzl” A Thumbnail Sketch of Jewish Literature”
    • Rabbi Mark Raphael  (Temple Israel), “Service of the Heart: Meaning & Structure in  Jewish Prayer”; “A Day of Delight: What It Means to Rest on the Sabbath”
    • Rabbi Ronald Weiss (Beth David Synagogue), “The year Goes Round: The Jewish Holiday Cycle”; “Living as a Jew: Life Cycle and Home Observances” 
  • Orthodox, Conservative and Reform: A Panel Discussion
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (Temple Concrod)
    • Rabbi Mark Raphael (Temple Israel)
    • Rabbi Ronald Weis (Beth David Synagogue) 
  • Jews in American Politics
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman  (Temple Concord & Binghamton University), “ Jews in American Political Culture -1654 to the Present”
    • Martin Belsky (Albany Law School), “Your Constitutional Rights as a Jew in America”
    • Martin Edelman (University of Albany), “Israel and the Politics of American Jewry” 

Spring 1993 

  • A Lost World and Its Fight for Survival : The 50th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)                 
    • Allan Nadler(YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), “The Spiritual Resistance”
    • Michael Taub (Binghamton University), “Inside the Warsaw Ghetto”
    • Michael Steinlauf (Gratz College), “Recovering a Lost Civilization” 

Fall 1993 

  • Basic Judaism II

            Rabbi Ronald Weiss (Beth David Synagogue), “Anti-Semitism”

            Rabbi Mark Raphael (Temple Israel), “The Holocaust”

            Rabbi Lance Sussman (Temple Concord) “Israel and Zionism” 

  • A Jewish Journey from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of Modernity
    • Norman Stillman (Binghamton University), “Jews of Islam in the Middle Ages”
    • Samuel Morell (Binghamton University), “The World of Ashkenaz: Jews of Christian Europe before the Dawn of Modernity”
    • Allan Arkush (Binghamton University), “Between Spinoza &  Shabbetai Zvi: Jewish Life in the 17th Century” 

Spring 1994 

  • The Jews of Germany - Their Long Life and Sudden Death
    • Ruth Gay (Author ), “Inventing the Diaspora - From Israelites to Jews”; “From Jews to Germans - The Price of Leaving  Home” 

Fall 1994 

  • The Changing Role of Women in Judaism
    • Rabbi Susan Grossman (Genesis Agudas Achim Congegration,Westchester, NY), “The Changing Role of Women in Judaism:An Historical Overview”
    • Rivka Haut   (Founder, Women’s Tefillah Network, Flatbush Women’s Davening Group), “Women in the Orthodox World”
    • Rabbi Randi Musnitsky (Temple Emanuel in Cherry Hill, NJ), “The Struggle for Religious Equality” 
  • Great Books of the Jewish Tradition in seven sessions
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (Temple Concord), “The Tanach (The Hebrew Bible)”
    • Rabbi Mark Raphael (Temple Israel), “The Sidur (The Prayer Book)” ; “Jewish Philosophy(Medieval & Modern)”
    • Rabbi Asher Vale (Beth David Synagogue), “Torah She’Be-al Peh:The Oral Tradition, Talmud, Midrash, Codes”
    • Rabbi Aaron Slonim (Chabad of Binghamton), “The Zohar and Jewish  Mysticism” 

Spring 1995 

  • Jewish Activism
    • Debra Dash Moore (Vassar College), “A Century of Jewish Activism - An Overview”
    • Gerald Sorin (SUNY New Paltz), “The Roots & Persistence of Jewish Liberalism: Why Jews Vote the Way They Do”
    • Danny Siegel (author, lecturer and poet), “Tzedakah & Jewish Values” 

Fall 1995 

  • American Jews and the Christian Right: Allies or Adversaries?
    • Reverend William Harter (Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring, Chambersburg, PA), “Patterns, Problems, and Prospects: The Rise of the Religious Right and Implications for Jews and Israel”
    • Jeremy Rabkin (Cornell University), “The Jewish Place in the Christian Coalition”
    • Isaac Kramnick(Cornell University), “The Godless Constitution: The Case Against the Christian Right” 

Spring 1996 

  • Jerusalem: Past, Present and Future
    • Gary Rendsburg (Cornell University), “Jerusalem 3000: An Archaeologist Scroll”
    • Nitza Rosovsky (writer & lecturer), “Jerusalem Outside the Walls: 1860 to the Present”  
    • Eyal Zisser (Cornell University & Tel Aviv University), “Jerusalem and the Peace Process” 
  • Exploring the Wisdom of the Talmud : An Introduction in Six Weeks
    • Henry Abramson (YIVO & Cornell University) 

Fall 1996 

  • Elections ’96 -  Israeli & American
    • Milton Esman  (Cornell University), “Religion & Elections 1996: The US and Israel”
    • Joshua Teitelbaum (Tel Aviv University), “Election 96 and US Foreign Policy in the Mid-East: Continuity or   Change”
    • Donna Robinson Divine (Smith College), “The Israeli Election and the Middle East Peace Process: The Palestinian Arab Perspective” 
  • Introduction to Yiddish in six classes
    • Jack Weinstein (Binghamton University)  

Spring 1997 

  • From Here to Eternity: Jewish Views on the Afterlife
    • Marc B. Shapiro (University of Scranton), “Afterlife and Immortality in Early Rabbinic Thought”
    • Michael Zank (Boston University), “Death as a Gate to Life- Reflections on Death, Resurrection and the World to Come in Modern Jewish Thought”
    • Shmuel Shepkaru  (Binghamton University), “A Golden Throne Under the Tree of Life: Martyrdom & Afterlife in the Life Medieval Jews” 
  • How to Read the Bible – six classes:
    • Gary Rendsburg  (Cornell University) 

Fall 1997

  • A Hundred Years of Jewish Nationalism:  Where Did It Come From and Where is it Going?”
    • Allan Arkush (Binghamton University), “The Foundations of Zionism
    • Mark Raider (SUNY Albany), “The Road to Jewish Statehood”
    • Yirmiyahu Yovel (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), “Will Israel Remain a Jewish State?” 

Spring 1998 

  • “A Jewish Studies Institute”
    • Rabbi Barry Baron (Temple Israel), “Comparative Judaism: Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionism & Reform”;   “Who is a Jew? Rabbinic Sources on Conversion and  
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (Temple Concord), “History of Biblical Judaism”; “Post Biblical Judaism
    • Rabbi Aaron Slonim (Chabad of Binghamton), “Soul Journeys: Where Do Souls Come From? What are they doing on earth? Where do they go to from here?”; “Tikkun Olam: Retrieving the Sparks and Perfecting Ourselves and the Entire World” 
    • Rabbi Asher Vale (Beth David Synagogue), “Angels and Devils: Do Jews Believe in Them?”; “Assisted Reproductive Technology” 

Fall 1998 

  • The World of Jewish Literature
    • Beth Burch (Binghamton University), “Voice of the American Jewish Woman Writer”
    • Adina Ofek (Jewish Theological Seminary of America), “What Do Modern Israeli Writers Write About?”
    • Ken Frieden (Syracuse University), “Wedding Practices in the Shtetl Through Yiddish Literature  and Film” 

Spring 1999 

  • Sephardi Jews
    • Norman Stillman ( University of Oklahoma), “Not in Somber Colors: The Sephardi Artistic Heritage” 
  • A Jewish Studies Institute
    • Rabbi Barry Baron (Temple Israel), “Theology of the Prayer Book: What the Prayers teach Us About G-D”;  “Where is G-d?  Finding Your Personal Theology”             
    • Rabbi Aaron Slonim (Chabad of Binghamton) “Jewish Time :Origins of the Jewish Calendar”;  “Wrestling with the Divine: An Analysis of Various Jewish Responses to Suffering”
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman  (Temple Concord) , “Jews of Eastern Europe: Our Shtetl Roots”;   “Anti-Semitism in America”             
    • Rabbi Asher Vale (Beth David Synagogue), “Ecology: Is It Good for the Jews?”;  “Domestic Violence: Do Jewish Men Really Make Better Husbands?  

Fall 1999 

  • Jewish Artistic Expression Through the Ages
    • Ross Brann (Cornell University), “Literary Artistry and The Jews of Spain”
    • Shai Burstyn (Tel Aviv University & Cornell University), “What Do I Find Interesting About Israeli Folk Songs”
    • Owen Shapiro (Syracuse University), “Reflections of Jewish Identity in the Cinema”


Spring 2000 

  • Israel and the Diaspora in 2000 and Beyond
    • Yaron Sideman (Consulate General of Israel in New York), “The Peace Process: Where is it Going?”  
    • Martin Edelman(SUNY Albany), “The Disestablishing of Orthodox Judaism in Israel”
    • Mia Bloom (Cornell University), and Allan Arkush(Binghamton University), “Zionism, Post Zionism, and the ‘New Historian’:Two Perspectives”      

Fall 2000

  • Spirituality: The Contemporary Jewish Quest
    • Iris Petroff (Temple Society of Concord, Syracuse, NY), “Family Educaiton: Making Jewish Learning a Family Event”
    • Rabbi David Sykes(Yeshiva University), “Jewish Spirituality:Coming Closer to G-d”
    • Jane Marie Law (Cornell University), “Fusing Mind & Heart- A Scholar of Asian Religions Living a Jewish Religious Life” 

Spring 2001 

  • Food For Thought
    • Rivkah Slonim (Chabad of Binghamton),”L’Chaim: Wine Throughout the Ages in the Jewish Tradition”
    • Ruth Abusch-Magder (Lecturer and Author), “Kitchen Torah: Cookbooks as Jewish Texts”
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (Temple Concord), “The ‘Treife Banquet’ of 1883, and the Politics of Kashrut in American Judaism” 

Fall 2001

  • Jewish Music:…That Beat Goes On
    • Mark Kligman    (Hebrew Union College), “An Overview of Synagogue Music from Chazzanut to Sing-Along”
    • Henry Sapoznik  (Producer, Author, and Performer), “Klezmer: Jewish Music from Old World to Our World”                         
    • Jonathan Karp (Binghamton University), “The Jews and the Blues :Blacks & Jews in American Popular Music” 

Fall 2002 

  • Jewish Identity in the New Millennium
    • Peggy Echt, Gil Efrati, Brian Smollett, Larisa Vaynshteyn  (Binghamton University), “Students’ Perspectives”
    • Avraham Infeld (Hillel), “Challenges for Jewish Leadership in the 21st Century” 

Spring 2003 

  • Perspectives on Anti-Semitism
    • Jay L. Rubin (Hillel), “Are University Campuses Hotbeds of Anti-Semitic & Anti-Israel Activities?”
    • Sanford Gutman (SUNY Cortland), “The New Anti-Semitism in France : Variations on an Old Theme?”    
    • Jonathan Karp (Binghamton University), “Philo-Semitism: Who Loves the Jews & Why?” 

 Fall 2003

  • Adam’s Rib: Male and Female in Jewish Mysticism
    • Donald Weiss (Binghamton University), “Martin Buber’s Mysticism of Love”
    • Rivkah Slonim (Binghamton Chabad), “The Mystery of Za & Nukvah :Male & Female Imagery in the  Kabbalah”
    • Rebecca Lesses (Ithaca College), “Lilith & Early Jewish Magic” 

Spring 2004 

  • 350 Years of American Jewish History: From 1st Settlement to Settlement Houses
    • Arthur Kiron (University of Pennsylvania), “Mythologizing 1654”
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (Congregation Keneseth Israel, Elkins Park, PA), “The Liberty Bell as Symbol of the American-Jewish Synthesis”
    • Beth Wenger (University of Pennsylvania), “Soldiers, Service, & Symbols:  The Narratives of Jewish Patriotism” 

Fall 2004 

  • The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe
    • Award-winning Documentary Film, presented by Albert Barry, Executive Producer 

Spring 2005 

  • 60 Years Later:  the Holocaust in German Television, American Film & Jewish   Literature
    •  Wulf Kansteiner (Binghamton University), “West German Television & the Holocaust”
    •    Danny Anker (Film Director and Producer), “Imaginary Witness: Hollywood & the Holocaust”
    • Julian Levinson (University of Michigan), “Speaking for the Victims :American Jewish Writers and the Ethics of Holocaust Representation” 

Fall 2005 

  • The Road Less Traveled:  Exotic Jewish Communities
    • Barbara Johnson (Ithaca College), “Cochin Jewish Women in South India and Israel: An Introduction to Their Lives and Music”
    • Alanna Cooper (University of Massachusetts), “The Bukharan Jews: A Cosmopolitan and Parochial Central Asian Community”
    • Lila Balla (Binghamton University), “Beta Israel: An Introduction to Ethiopian Jewry”  

Spring 2006 

  • Revealing Moments:  Mt. Sinai -  What Really Happened? Four Rabbis Debate
    • Rabbi Zev Silber (Beth David Synagogue)
    • Rabbi David Katz (Temple Concord)
    • Rabbi Simeon Kolko(Temple Israel)    
    • Rabbi Aaron Slonim (Chabad of Binghamton)  

Fall 2006 

  • Tradition and Change in Hebrew Literature
    • Adina Ofek (Jewish Theological Seminary), “A New Look at Old Hebrew Textbooks”
    • Ken Frieden (Syracuse University), “Yiddish in Modern Hebrew Literature”
    • Samuel Morell (Binghamton University), “ Between the Worlds of Faith & Modernity: A Discussion of S. Y. Agnon” 

Spring 2007 

  • Viva Italia!  Jewish Life and Culture
    • Howard Tzvi Adelman (Binghamton University), “The Lives of Jewish Women in Italy: The Struggle for Ambiguity”
    • Francesca Bregoli (University of Pennsylvania), “Be-siman Tov : Decorated Wedding Poems and Riddles from Italy”
    • Beno Weiss (Pennsylvania State University), “Italo Svevoand the Dilemma of his Jewish Identity” 

Fall 2007 

  • Jews & Music:  A Social, Cultural & Historical Perspective
    • Joshua R. Jacobson (Northeastern University), “The Music of Zionism”
    • Jonathan Karp (Binghamton University), “Killing Tin Pan Alley: Bob Dylan & the (Jewish) American Songbook”
    • Morty Hofstein (Opera lecturer), “Jews and Opera: A Vibrant History” 

Spring 2008 

  • Israel at 60
    • Irit Koren (Columbia University), “Israeli Judaism Today”
    • David Tal (Tel Aviv University), “The Meaning of the Israeli Victory in the 1948 War”
    • Natan Aridan (Ben-Gurion University), “Israel-Diaspora Relations,1948-2008: A Retrospective” 

Fall 2008 

  • Perspectives on Russian/Jewish History
    • Donald Loewen (Binghamton University), “One Country, Many People:  Efforta to ‘Manage’ Nationalities in Russia and Soviet Union”
    • Olga Litvak (Clark University), “Stepchildren of the Czar: Jewish Cantonists Between Russian State and Jewish Society”
    • Mark Raytenberg (Binghamton University), “Isaac Babel and the Experiences of Russian Jews Throughout the Communist Regime”    

Spring 2009 

  • Jewish Film Program
    •  “Jellyfish”  a film by Shira Geffen and Etgar Keter
    •  “Yippee:  A Journey to Jewish Joy” a documentary directed by Paul Mazursky
    •  Ken Frieden (Syracuse University) , “ Discussion of Yippee”    

Fall 2009 

  • Historical Perspectives:  Jews in Business
    • Onur Yildirim (Binghamton University), “Jews in Ottoman Ecomonic Life during the Early Modern Period”
    • Glenn Dynner (Sarah Lawrence College), “Jews in the Polish Liquor Trade”
    • Shelly Tenenbaum (Clark University), “Lenders and Borrowers Be: Jewish Immigrant Credit Networks” 

Spring 2010 

  • Jews in Business:  Old & New Worlds
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman (Keneseth Israel, Philadelphia), “Jews in Business in Broome County: A Brief Histry”
    • Adam Mendelsohn (College of Charleston), “The Rag Race: Jews and Old Clothes in America”
    • Jonathan Karp (Binghamton University), “A Rock ‘n’ Roll Internationale: Jewish Record Men in the U.S. and U.K”
    • Gina Glasman  (Binghamton University), “Gelt in Eastern European Jewish Life” 

Fall 2010 

  • Lincoln, FDR, & Truman, and the Jews
    • Laurel Leff   (Northeastern University), “FDR and the Jews: Why the Holocaust Wasn’t a Presidential Priority”
    • Gary P. Zola  (Hebrew Union College,), “ ‘He Was One of Us’: American Jewry and  the Idealization of Abraham Lincoln”
    • Rabbi Lance Sussman  (Keneseth Israel, Philadelphia), “ Yes But …Harry Truman, American Jews, and the U.S. Recognition of Israel 

Spring 2011 

  • Jews, Presidents, & Emperors
    • Howard G. Brown (Binghamton University), “Napoleon & the Great Sanhedrin: From the State of Jews to Jews of the State”
    • Paul Finkelman  (Albany Law School), “Two American presidents in the 19th Century: Millard Fillmore and Abraham Lincoln Confront the Jewish Question


Fall 2011 

  • Jews in Muslim Lands
    • Norman Stillman (University of Oklahoma), “When Arabic Was A Jewish Language”
    • Sara Reguer  (Brooklyn College), “Jewish Women Within the World of Islam”
    • Vivienne Roumani-Denn (filmmaker), “The Last Jews of Libya: A documentary film and discussion”
    • Peter Cole and Adina Hoffman(writers), “Sacred Trash :The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza 


  • Jewish Troublemakers of the 1960’s
    • Jonathan Karp (Binghamton University), “Lenny Bruce:  From Tummler to Troublemaker”
    • Lauren Strauss (George Washington University), “Her Hat Was in the Ring:  Bella Abzug and her Life as a ‘Trouble-Maker’”
    • Gal Beckerman (Author and Journalist at The Forward), “Meir Kahane:  The Radical Rabbi of New York”    

Fall 2012 

  •  Is the Supreme Court a Friend of the Jews?
    • Paul Finkelman (Albany Law School) 

Spring 2013 

  • Israel at 65
    • Eli Groner (Israel’s Minister of Economic Affairs to the US), “The Secret Sauce to a Start-Up Nation?  How Israeli Innovation Created a Miracle in the Desert”
    • Norman Stillman (University of Oklahoma), “Israel Still lives in a Tough Neighborhood” 

Fall 2013

  • Gender & Judaism:  Changing Perspectives
    • Rabbi Avi Weiss  (Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, Yeshiva Chovevei Torah), “The  Changing Role of Women in Orthodoxy”
    • Amy Kronish  (lecturer and writer on Israeli Cinema), “Gender Issues in Israeli Cinema”
    • Candace Falk  (University of California,  Berkeley), “Chutzpah & Courage in the Face of Injustice:  Emma Goldman’s Unorthodox  Mishmash of Judaism, Feminism, & Anarchism” 

Spring 2014 

  • Jews Making A Difference
    • Debra Schultz  (Historian), “Legacies of Jewish Women Going South for Justice”
    • Thomas Doherty  (Brandeis University), “Jews, Nazis and Hollywood Cinema, 1933-  1939”
    • Jonathan Krasno (Binghamton University), “Is There A ‘Jewish Vote’ Today?” 

Fall 2014 

  • Jewish Comedy, Chocolate, and Commerce
    • Mark Cohen (Author), “Allan Sherman: The Life, the Hits, and Lost Recordings”
    • Rabbi Deborah Prinz (Rabbi and author), “Jews on the Chocolate Trail: A Delicious Adventure Connecting Jews, Religions, History, Travel, Rituals & Recipes to the Magic ofCacao”
    • Hasia Diner (Professor, New York University), “Roads Taken: The Great Jewish Migration and the Peddlers Who Made It Possible” 

Spring 2015 

  • Jews from Main Street to Wall Street
    • Michael Cohen (Tulane University), “Cotton and Capital: Jewish Economic Networks in the 19th Century Gulf South”
    • Leonard Rogoff (Historian and writer), “Commerce in the Countryside:Jews and the Making of the New South”
    • Susie Pak (St. John’s University), “J.P. Morgan and German Jewish American Bankers: Writing the History of Networks” 

Fall 2015 

  • Weaving Jewish Tradition with American Culture
    • Beth S. Wenger (University of Pennsylvania), “Civics Lessons:  Jews and American National Holidays”
    • Motl Didner( National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene), “American Yiddish Theater:                                  Past, Present, & Future”                    
    • Samuel D. Gruber  (Art and Architectural Historian),” American Synagogue Architecture from 1760-1920” 

Spring 2016 

  • Viewing of “Joachim Prinz: I Shall Not be Silent”
    • Jonathan Karp (Binghamton University) – discussion of film
  • What's New at BU? Faculty, Research and Resources in Judaic Studies
    • Panel on Recent Developments in Ottoman Jewish History
      • Dina Danon (Binghamton University), "Satirical Passover Haggadot from the Sephardi World."
      • Bryan Kirschen (Binghamton University), "The Rise and Fall of Judeo-Spanish in Turkey and Bosnia."
      • Jonathan Karp (Binghamton University), Moderator
    • Panel on The New Center for Israel Studies
      • Shay Rabineau (Binghamton University)
      • Randy Friedman (Binghamton University)

Fall 2016

  • Eat, Drink, and Be Kosher
    • Ted Merwin (Dickinson College), "Homeland for the Jewish Soul: The Jewish Deli in American Life and Lore"
    • Rivkah Slonim (Chabad of Binghamton), "L'Chaim: Wine Throughout the Ages in the Jewish Tradition"
    • Timothy Lytton (Georgia State University, Georgia College of Law), " "The Turbulent History of Kosher Certification in America: From Price Fixing, Consumer Fraud, and Drive-by Shootings to a Model of Private Regulation"

Spring 2017

  • The Great War: A Turning Point for World Jewry?
    • Dina Danon (Binghamton University) "The End of Empire: World War I and its Impact on the Eastern Sephardi Diaspora"
    • David Engel (New York University), "Making the World Safe for Jews: World War I and the Problem of Jewish Security"

Fall 2017

  • Divided by Victory: The Legacy of the Six Day War
    • Lior Libman (Binghamtn University) "Between the The Seventh Day and 'The Movement for Greater Israel': The Aftermath of 1967 in the Kibbutz and Labor Movements and the Significance of 1948"
    • Assaf Harel (Binghamton University) "Jewish Settlers Today: From Religious Zionism to Religious Post-Zionism"

Spring 2018

  • Speaking Through Art as a Jew: Visual Expressions of Jewish Culture
    • Diana Linden (Art Historian) "Painting for freedom and the Freedom to Paint: Ben Shahn's Murals and the M. S. St. Louis"
    • Flora Rosefsky (Visual Artist), "Being a Judaic Visual Artist" A Personal Inspirational Journey"
    • Marc Michael Epstein (Vassar College), " People of the Image: Jews and Art"

Fall 2018

  • The Legacy of the Turbulent Sixties: Jews and Social Justice
    • Mark Rudd, (Educator and Community Organizer), "Why Were There So Many Jews in SDS? Reflections on SDS, Columbia1968 Protest, and the New Left"
    • Dick and Mickey Flacks (UC - Santa Barbara), "Making History/Making Blintzes: How Two Red Diaper Babies Found Each Other and Discovered America" 

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