Rare Books and Printed Materials

Special Collections contains over 100,000 volumes, ranging from fifteenth through present-day editions, and including early European, English, and American imprints, local and regional imprints, facsimiles, limited editions and examples of fine printing, bindings, and illustrations. The departmental reference collection also includes selected bibliographic tools and dictionaries.

The major collections, in alphabetical order, are listed below:
































The Edward J. Erickson Ottoman and Turkish Military History Collection

Dr. Edward J. Erickson began collecting Turkish language books about Ottoman and Turkish military history while assigned as a NATO staff officer in Izmir, Turkey in 1992. After retiring from the United States Army as a lieutenant colonel, he published a number of influential books about the Ottoman army in the late-Imperial period. Over a twenty-five year period Dr. Erickson assembled a comprehensive collection of official and trade books covering these topics. Of note, the collection includes the Turkish General Staff's official histories of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877, the Italo-Ottoman War of 1911, the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, the First World War, and numerous personal memoirs published by participants. The collection also includes published archival document collections regarding the Armenian Revolutionary Committees and a number of English-language books about the Armenian relocations of 1915.




PROFESSOR john h. hagan collection

The Hagan Collection was donated by the family of Professor Emeritus of English, John H. Hagan, who taught at Binghamton University for twenty-seven years. His extensive collection of books includes examples of decorative bindings from the Franklin Library and Easton Press.


William J. Haggerty Collection of French Colonial History

The Haggerty Collection consists of over 30,000 volumes from or pertaining to French and British colonies during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The materials were originally part of the research library of the Comité Central Francais pour l'Outre Mer, and were acquired by Binghamton after the Comité was disbanded in 1964. Grant-funded cataloging and preservation of the collection began in 1992, and the majority of the monographs are now cataloged online.

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George Hinman Collection

The George Hinman Collection was bequeathed to the library by George Hinman, also a lawyer with the firm Hinman, Howard and Kattell. It consists of some 500 volumes, for the most part handsomely-bound collector's sets of major literary works. This collection has been cataloged online.


Archibald Howard Collection

The Archibald Howard Collection was donated to the library by Archibald Howard, a lawyer with the Binghamton law firm Hinman, Howard and Kattell, and by avocation a very knowledgeable bibliophile. His personal library contained some 3,000 volumes, including limited editions and collectors' printings, mainly in the areas of literature and history. One of the libraries' most valuable items, a copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle, was also part of the Howard donation. The Howard books have been cataloged online.



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William Klenz Collection

The William Klenz collection was donated to the libraries by the family of William Klenz, a talented musician and long-time faculty member of the University's Department of Music. The collection includes approximately 20 linear feet of personal papers; Klenz's personal library of nearly 1,000 volumes reflecting his eclectic tastes in a wide variety of subjects, from cooking to art to philosophy; and over 1,000 musical scores and books of music ranging from folk music to concert performance scores of major composers. The entire collection of scores and books has been cataloged online.



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Herbert Reichner Collection

The Herbert Reichner Collection was originally part of the working reference library of the publisher Herbert Reichner. It contains approximately 3,000 volumes having to do with the history and practices of printing, publishing, and book collecting. The Reichner books have been cataloged online.


Allan Rogg Collection of Modern Cinema

This collection began with an inital donation by Allan Rogg, New York Private Collector and Bibliographer, to the Libraries in 2006. This preeminant collection of modern cinema contains over 9,000 monographs spanning over one hundred years (1893-2010). Most of the Allan Rogg Collection of Modern Cinema can be found in Bartle Library Stacks. However, several limited editions and unique and fragile items are housed in Special Collections.



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H. Warner Waid Collection

The Waid Collection consists of over 700 German books, periodicals and government documents. Included are German publications from the Weimar era, propaganda from the Nazi era and also U.S. government and military documents from the post-World War II reconstruction era.


Yi-t'ung Wang Collection and East Asian Collection

The Wang Collection was donated to the University Libraries in 2004 by Professor Yi-t'ung Wang, and is the cornerstone of the Asian Collection. The Wang Collection consists of over 4,000 volumes on Chinese history, religion, education, economics, politics, philosophy and literature. The East Asian Collection contains monographs written in Chinese, Japanese and Korean in the areas of history, literature and religion in addition to a Japanese woodblock print collection. These collections were acquired in support of the University's Asian and Asian American Studies Program.


George WellWarth Collection

In 2002, the Libraries received the personal library of George Wellwarth, Professor of Theatre and Comparative Literature in Binghamton. The George Wellwarth Collection contains playscripts and works on theatre, primarily from Spain and Latin America, but also from Germany and France.


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