Introducing the MS in Healthcare Systems Engineering

The new master’s degree will be available to part-time and full-time students interested in advancing a healthcare career, breaking into the healthcare industry or building a foundation for clinical ambitions.

The Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (SSIE) at Binghamton University was recently granted approval for a new master’s degree in healthcare systems engineering, starting fall 2019.

SSIE has had a long history of working with the healthcare industry through its health systems concentration, one-year executive MS in health systems in Manhattan, extensive research in healthcare systems, the Health Systems Engineering Center and more.

Students in this program will attain a wide variety of industrial and systems engineering tools and skill sets, such as modeling and simulation, statistical process control, data science, reliability modeling, scheduling, human factors and optimization, among others.

“It was a natural fit to introduce this new master’s degree in healthcare systems engineering,” said Mohammad Khasawneh, chair and professor in the SSIE department. “The greater Binghamton area has a high concentration of healthcare providers and this program will be a way for them to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge needed to advance into leadership roles within the healthcare industry.”

Khasawneh said it was also important to him that the program be available for both part- and full-time graduate students.

“A lot of students want to continue to work during their graduate studies and we want to make this program accessible to those who choose to do so.”

Not only is the program a way to advance within a healthcare career, but it can also be a way to break into the healthcare industry or a foundation for those with clinical ambitions.

Professionals in healthcare systems engineering have helped healthcare facilities improve total quality management, assisted with scheduling and sequencing in outpatient clinics and monitored operational control.

To find out more about the program and to apply, visit the Binghamton University Graduate School website.