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Analyses & Reports:

Assessment Reports

Student Learning Assessment Information (AY 2011-12): General Education Factbooks. (July 2011, .pdf)

Math Reasoning Rubric Analysis (July 2011, .pdf)

Strengthening Campus Based Assessment - Rubric Evaluations in Critical Thinking & Composition (Feb. 2010, .pdf, 1.17 mb)

SOOT Task Force Study (2010, .pdf, 59 kb)

Curriculum Reports

Comparing Performance in Distance Education and Traditional Courses at Binghamton University (July 2010, .pdf, 134.10 kb)

The First Year Experience Course: Descriptives and Preliminary Outcomes (June 2006, .pdf, 59.59 kb)

Faculty and Staff Trends at Binghamton University, 1997-2005 (May 2006, .pdf, 127.37 kb)

Undergrad Instructors F93 - F99 (2000, .pdf, 9.96 kb)

Economic Impact Reports

The Economic Impact of Binghamton University (FY2007-08) (Feb. 2008, .pdf, 154 kb)

The Economic Impact of Binghamton University (FY2005-06) (Feb. 2007, .pdf, 368 kb)

The Economic Impact of Binghamton University (FY2004-05) (Feb. 2006, .pdf, 155.80 kb)

The Economic Impact of Binghamton University (FY2003-04) (April 2005, .pdf, 121.41 kb)

The Economic Impact of the Binghamton University Events Center (April 2005, .pdf, 22.29 kb)

Student Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation

Student Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Why Might First-Year Students Drop (Feb. 2008, .pdf, 248.57 kb)

Factors Affecting Six-Year Retention / Graduation Rates: Students Who Enter as Freshmen (Feb. 2006, .pdf, 44.96 kb)

Further Postsecondary Enrollments of 2002-03 BU Graduates (Jan. 2005, .pdf, 244.63 kb)

Graduation, Retention, and Stopouts (Oct. 2005, .pdf, 56 kb)

CIRP 2004 First-Time Full-Time Report (April 2005, .pdf, 59.46 kb)

High School Graduates: Trends, Projections, and Implications for BU (Nov. 2004, .pdf, 213.41 kb)

The Stopout Phenomenon at BU: A Descriptive Analysis (Aug. 2004, .pdf, 155.47 kb)

The Effect of BU Scholarships on Freshman Enrollment, Fall 2001-2002 (2003, .pdf)

Factors Influencing the Number of BU Applications (2002, .pdf, 18.18 kb)

How Denying IUT Affects Retention (2000, .pdf, 9.25 kb)

Survey Reports

Graduating Senior Survey Dashboards (June 2010, .pdf, 242 kb)

Understanding On- And Off-Campus Senior Students Using The National Survey Of Student Engagement (NSSE) (January 2009, .pdf, 153.57 kb)

Survey of Student Opinion Regarding a Renovated East Gym (Jan. 2006, .pdf, 174.70 kb)

Transfer Student Studies (Oct. / Nov. 2005)

- Executive Summary (.pdf, 33.46 kb)
- Report III: Institutional Data View (.pdf, 194.21 kb)
- Report II: Experiences at BU - Survey Data (.pdf, 104.48 kb)
- Report I: Coming in the Front Door (.pdf, 107.64 kb)

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