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Helping Your Student Succeed

One of the most important things you can do as a parent to help your student succeed is to be informed. Students will need to make decisions at various stages in their academic path. Below is a timeline with some suggestions and information.

Prospective students

How can you learn more about Binghamton University? Start with Undergraduate Admissions, where you'll find our academic offerings, learn about the academic and social life on campus, and connect with us.

You and your student have a lot to think about as you navigate the many decisions about college. If you don't find what you need on our pages, contact Undergraduate Admissions at 607-777-2171 or email

Freshman or transfer

Some information for students and parents that are new to Binghamton University:


As our students make their way through their second year, there are important decisions to be made – like deciding what to major in if they don't know, or thinking about combining their bachelor's degree with a master's to save time and money. For information to help your son or daughter better navigate sophomore year, check out these pages:


As a parent of a junior you probably have a good handle on what to expect as they join the upper class at Binghamton. Junior year is the time to start planning for a career or graduate school. To help jump start that process, we've pulled together a few links that contain information specific to juniors:


You're almost there! Before you know it, Commencement will be here and your student will be graduating. Whether they'll be starting a career or continuing on to graduate school, there are decisions to be made. To make senior year as smooth as possible, we've created a list of resources geared toward students who are nearing the end of their undergraduate careers:

Other resources available to you include the Parent and Family Calendar and Handbook, our parent newsletter (Parent Connect) and a resource list for parents and families.

Last Updated: 3/13/18