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Nicole Hassoun published an article in Oxford University Press blog

"How protecting human rights can help us increase our Global Health Impact"| read more

Nicole Hassoun published an article in The Conversation

"Philosophy and psychology agree - yelling at people who aren't wearing masks won't work"| read more

 Nicole Hassoun published an article in Psyche

"What is a minimally good life and are you prepared to live it?"| read more

Nicole Hassoun was interviewed on The Conversation    

Nicole Hassoun was interviewed on the The Conversation and talks about who should get a COVID-19 vaccine first. | Listen here

Nicole Hassoun shares her opinion on The Hill

Jonathan Mann's human rights blueprint for global health must guide COVID-19 response | read more

global-health-impactNicole Hassoun on Global Health Impact: Extending Access to Essential Medicines

Nicole Hassoun's book, Global Health Impact: Extending Access to Essential Medicines, was published in July. 

Nicole Hassoun shared some highlights from her book,

"Global Health Impact: Extending Access to Essential Medicines" | read more

Robert Patrick Whelan published in the Journal of Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy

"The costs and benefits of prosecution: a contractualist justification of amnesty" by Robert Patrick Whelan | read more


Nicole Hassoun published an article in The Conversation

"How can we get pharma companies to do more for global health? Try ranking them" | read more

Nicole Hassoun shared some thoughts on COVID-19 during an interview with Fox 40 News,

"How Businesses Should Consider Employee Health When Returning to Work." | Listen here


Phil of EdJenn Dum published in Journal of Philosophy of Education

“Relational Goods and Educational Justice" by Jenn Dum | read more




melMelissa Zinkin to be a Faculty Mentor

Melissa will be a faculty mentor at the Athena in Action mentoring conference at Cornell in June.





Huseyin Kuyumcuoglu published in Journal of Business Ethics

Sweatshops, Harm, and Interference: A Contractualist Approach by Huseyin Kuyumcuoglu | read more







Lisa Tessman published in Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy


"Moral distress in health care: when is it fitting?" by Lisa Tessman  | read more







Mattias Iser published in Justification and Emancipation. The Critical Theory of Rainer Forst

"Objectionable Objections. On Toleration, Respect, and Esteem," by Mattias Iser | read more







Lisa Tessman speaks at SUNY Oswego

Lisa Tessman gave this year’s Warren Steinkraus Lecture

"Setting Ourselves Up for Moral Failure" | read more




Tony Reeves published in Ratio Juris

"Impunity and Hope, "by Tony Reeves  | read more











Andrey Darovskikh published in Journal of Ethical Urban Living

“Evaluating Biomedical Enhancement: A Non-ideal Approach” by Andrey Darovskikh | read more









Max book

Max Pensky published in Philosophy and Social Criticism

Jewishness and jurisgenesis: On Seyla Benhabib’s Exile, Statelessness and Migration by Max Pensky | read more









dietrich bookEric Dietrich published in Axiomathes

When Science Confronts Philosophy: Three Case Studies by Eric Dietrich | read more







Katrina England and James Lethbridge awarded the Graduate Student Excellence Award in Teaching for 2019!




ROBERT PATRICK WHELAN published in Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia

Granting Amnesty for Peace: Assessing the Possibility of a Just Peace in Kant’s Doctrine of Right by Robert Patrick Whelan | read more







Cover of book that was co-edited by Max Pensky's

Max Pensky edited

A Campanion to Adorno


Max Pensky edited the book, A Companion to Adrono published April 2020. | read more






lisa's logo

Lisa Tessman gave the  Keynote Lecture

Lisa Tessman gave the Keynote Lecture “Moral Distress at the Edge of Culpability,” at the 33rd European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care, University of Oslo, Norway -         July 2019  | read more




Nicole Hassoun will launch the Global Health Impact Index at Princeton University on May 10, 2019. | read more


robert guay Robert Guay on Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment

Robert Guay's book, Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment was published in May 2019.
| read more






Lisa Tessman was interviewed on the Tapestry Show    

Lisa Tessman was interviewed on the Tapestry Show, which is a CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) show.  She talks about moments when doing the right thing is impossible. | Listen here


Philosophical Quarterly

Christopher Morgan-Knapp in The Philosophical Quarterly

Christopher Morgan-Knapp's paper, "Comparative Pride" was published in the Philosophical Quarterly in October 2018. | read the paper 





Max Pensky on Authoritarianism: Three Inquiries in Critical Thinking

Max Pensky's book, Authoritarianism: Three Inquiries in Critical Thinking was published in November 2018.| read more




Nicole Hassoun discusses consumption and social change in her article recently published in the Economics & Philosophy journal.
| read more

Nicole Hassoun discusses efforts to implement universal health care. | read more


Nicole Hassoun hopes her research into wealth distribution will influence public discussion both locally and worldwide. | read more

Realism and Anti-Realism


Melissa Zinkin on Kantian Constructivism

Melissa Zinkin's essay, "Kantian Constructivism, Respect and Moral Depth," was published in Realism and Anti-Realism in Kant's Moral Philosophy: New Essays.




Mollie Teitelbaum on Psychology Today

Mollie Teitelbaum, former Pell honors student and winner of the 2016 Dillon Award, wrote a guest post for Psychology Today while she is working as a research assistant for Aaron Ben-Ze'ev at University of Haifa. | read more



 Pineal Express Podcast


Charles Goodman on Pineal Express

Listen to Charles Goodman talk about Buddhism, compassion, and ethics on Pineal Express podcast here.






Nicole Hassoun on Big Think

Nicole Hassoun on Big Think

Watch Nicole Hassoun's recent short video, "Fair Trade Pharma: A Plan for More Affordable Prescription Drugs" on Big Think here.




Pacific Philosophical Quarterly Journal CoverMelissa Zinkin in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly

Melissa Zinkin's paper, "Two Kinds of Feminist Philosophy," is forthcoming in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly in 2018. You can access an early view of the abstract and article on Wiley Online Library.


Journal of Public Health Cover

Nicole Hassoun in Journal of Public Health

Nicole Hassoun published "Measuring health burden without discriminating against the disabled" with Lucio Esposito in the September 2017 issue of Journal of Public Health. Read the abstract or the full article on Oxford University Press.



When Doing the Right Thing Is Impossible

Lisa Tessman on When Doing the Right Thing Is Impossible

Lisa Tessman's book, When Doing the Right Thing Is Impossible, was published in June. She did a series of interviews and short articles for general audience venues based on the book:

"Rocks and Hard Places." The Forum. July 2017

Interview on Consider This (radio program), July 2017

Interview on Think (NPR radio program), July 2017

Interview on Tell Me Everything with John Fuglesang (Sirius XM radio), August 2017

Interview with The Reporter Group, August 2017

"Sometimes Giving a Person a Choice is an Act of Terrible Cruelty" Aeon, August 2017

 Philosophical Studies Cover

Nicole Hassoun: "Diversity in Philosophy Journals"

Nicole Hassoun published "Diversity in Philosophy Journals: Some New Data on Women in Philosophy," with Sherri Conklin and Isaac Wilhelm in Philosophical Studies (forthcoming), which relates to her work on the Data on Women in Philosophy project.



I'm Only Human Blog Screencap


"I'm Only Human" Blog Debuts on Psychology Today

Lisa Tessman has started a blog for Psychology Today called I'm Only Human: Ethics for Real People.




Lisa Tessman


Lisa Tessman on the APA Blog

Read an interview with Lisa Tessman on her Author Meets Critics session at the 2017 Central Division meetings of the American Philosophical Association here.






Eric Dietrich on New Books in Philosophy

Eric Dietrich was interviewed about Excellent Beauty: The Naturalness of Religion and the Unnaturalness of the World on the New Books in Philosophy podcast. Listen here.



 Moral Failure


Lisa Tessman on New Books in Philosophy

Lisa Tessman gave an hour-long interview on Moral Failure: on the Impossible Demands of Morality on the New Books in Philosophy podcast. Listen here.





Nicole Hassoun on NPR

Professor Nicole Hassoun developed an index ranking the world's largest pharmaceutical companies according to their impact on global diseases and presented it at the at the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) headquarters in Switzerland. | Listen

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