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Jeffner Allen

Jeffner Allen

Professor of Philosophy, Africana Studies, Philosophy, Interpretation, Culture (PIC), and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Affiliated Faculty, Asian and Asian American Studies, Center for Korean Studies, Philosophy, Literature, Culture (PLC)

PhD Philosophy Duquesne University, 1973

Office: LT 1304


Cultural Imaginaries and Representation
Trans-Genre Writing
Feminist and Lesbian Studies
Postcolonial Studies
Diasporic Literatures
Water and Environmental Studies
Transdisciplinary Studies
Multi-Platform Works
20th and 21st Century European Philosophy

Recent Courses

Haunting, Memory, Migrations, for Tomorrows
21st Century Longings, In Transit
Tumultuous Space, Fate, and Belonging
Negotiating Contemporary ‘Asia’
Feminist and Diasporic Performance Art
Contemporary Ecologies, Imagining Survival

Recent and Representative Publications


"SINUOSITIES \\ Lesbian Poetic Politics (Indiana University Press, 1996)"

r e v e r b e r a t i o n s across the shimmering CASCADAS (SUNY Press, 1994)

Lesbian Philosophy: Explorations (Institute of Lesbian Studies, 1987)

Lesbian Philosophies and Cultures (SUNY Press, 1990) [anthology]

The Thinking Muse: Feminism and Recent French Thought, coeditor (Indiana University Press, 1989) [anthology]

Reef Passions: Postcolonial Aesthetics between Coral Reefs [in process]

Work Performed:

"Ghostdance," enactment of "r e v e r b e r a t i o n s moonflowers estrellas fugaces r e v e r b e r a c i o n e s flores lunares falling stars," composer, Pauline Oliveros, choreographer, Paula Josa Jones, Lincoln Center, summer 1996, duration 60 minutes.

“Ghostdance," CD, digital audio, Deep Listening 51'50", Oliveros composer; Oliveros, Gamper, Rose performers. Wordtext based on r e v e r b e r a t i o n s.

Representative Articles:

“Between Coral Reefs,” Ijele: African Art Journal 6, in press, forthcoming 2012.

“暗礁美学:两栖地带,废料残留/ Reef Aesthetics: Amphibious Zones, Rubbish Remains,” Zeng FanRen, ed., Changchun Press, 2011.

“Proverbial Wisdom and Planetarity: Re-imaging Coral Reef Communities,” in Gender, Multiculturalism and Re-Visioning: Creating and Fostering Literary Communities, Raihanah M.M., R.S. Hashim, N.M. Yusof, Z. M. Lazim, eds., UPM Press [Universiti Putra Malaysia Press], 2011, pp. 94-109.

“Philosophy and Porous Imagination: Between Coral Reefs,” South African Journal of Philosophy, Special Issue on African Philosophy, P. Tabensky, ed., 27 (4) 2009, pp. 429-443.

“Dans les rouages étincelants du mythe toujours en mouvement: Dé-composer Beauvoir,” in Simone de Beauvoir cent ans après sa naissance: Contributions interdisciplinaires de cinq continents, T. Stauder, ed., Gunter Narr Verlag, 2008, pp. 191-198.

“Diving Planetarity,” in This Watery World: Humans and the Sea, 2d ed., Vartan Messier and Nandita Batra, eds., Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008, pp. 49- 59.

“Naked Invisibles: Imaging the Reef,” in Discourses on Culture and Identity: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Pramela Krish, et. al., eds., Longman Malaysia, 2007, pp. 39-46.

“Dear Voluptuous: Between Coral Reefs,” International Readings on Theory, History and Philosophy of Culture, Issue 16, St. Petersburg: EIDOS, 2003, pp. 296-305.

“Querida volupia, Paxao no jardim das delicias,” in Corpo e imagem, Bernadette Lyra and Wilton Garcia, eds., AC Editora Arte & Ciencia, 2003, pp. 119-126.

“r e v e r b e r a c i o n e s flores lunares estrellas volantes,” XXXII Husserl Circle: Conference Proceedings, Lima: PUCP, pp. 1-21, 2002.

"Lesbian Wit," with Gloria Anzaldua, in interviews/intrevistas, A. Keating, ed., Routledge, 2000.

"Lesbian Economics," TRIVIA; A Journal of Ideas 8 (1986): 37 53. Reprinted: "Une Economie lesbienne," Amazones d'hier 4 (1986): 16 27; “Lesbian Economics,” in Queer Economics: A Reader, J. Jacobsen and I A. Zeller, eds., Routledge, 2008, pp. 160-176.

"Motherhood: The Annihilation of Women," in Mothering: Essays in Feminist Theory, Joyce Trebilcot, ed., Littlefield, Adams and Co., 1984, pp. 315 330. Reprinted: Women and Values: Readings in Recent Feminist Philosophy, Marilyn Pearsall, ed., Wadsworth, 1985, pp. 91 101; Amazones d'hier 20 (1988): 173 193; "La Maternité: Annihilation des femmes," Amazones d'hier 20 (1988): 65 87; Social and Political Philosophy, Rita Manning and Rene Trujillo, eds., Mayfield Press, 1996, pp. 284 294; Feminist Frameworks, 3rd edition, Jaggar and Rotherberg, eds., McGraw Hill, 1996, pp. 380-384.

Curriculum vitae

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