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Bat-Ami Bar OnBat-Ami Bar On

Professor of Philosophy and of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities

 LT 1202
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My areas of research are part of social and political theory. Within social and political theory, my primary focus is on a sub-area that is best described through its normative concerns with violent political conflict and social-political order. My current research is located in the intersection of Post-War Justice and Refugee Studies. The social and political theorist whose work I have been finding especially inspirational is Hannah Arendt.

Recent courses

Just War
Contemporary Political Philosophy
Law and Justice

Recent publications

"Standing Between Us and Our Grave Wrongdoings." Midwest Studies in Philosophy 36. (Forthcoming 2012).

"War and Food." In The Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics. (New York: Springer. Forthcoming 2012).

"Normativity, Feminism, Politics." In Feminist Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy: Theorizing the Non-Ideal. Ed. Lisa Tessman. (New York: Springer. 2009).

"War/Terror/Politics." In "War Against Terror": The Oxford Amnesty Lectures. Ed. Chris Miller. (Manchester, En: Manchester University Press. 2009).

"Thinking Between Democracy and Violence." In Dancing With Iris: The Philosophy of Iris Marion Young. Ed. Ann Ferguson and Mechthild Nagel. (New York: Oxford University Press. 2009).

"The Opposition of Politics and War." Hypatia 23/ 2 (2008).

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