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Max Pensky

Max Pensky

Professor of Philosophy

PhD Philosophy, Boston College, 1989

Office: LNG 100


Genocide Studies
Transitional Justice
Modern and Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy
Critical Theory
Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Philosophy of Law and International Relations

Recent courses

Essentials of Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention
Habermas's Theory of Communicative Action
Transitional Justice
Rawls and His Critics
Contemporary Political Philosophy
Hegel's Philosophy of Right
Law and Justice

Recent and representative publications


Wendy Brown, Peter E. Gordon, and Max Pensky, Authoritarianism: Three Inquiries in Critical Theory, University of Chicago Press, 2018 | View on Amazon

The Ends of Solidarity: Discourse Theory in Ethics and Politics, SUNY Press 2008 | View on Amazon

Melancholy Dialectics: Walter Benjamin and the Play of Mourning, Massachusetts, 1992, Second Edition 2002 | View on Amazon



"Of Humanitarians and Straw Men: On Rajan Menon's The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention (review essay), Journal of Genocide Research 21.1, 2019.

"Critique and Disappointment," in Espen Hammer, Peter E. Gordon, and Max Pensky, editors, The Blackwell Handbook to Adorno, Blackwell, 2019.

"Impunity: A Philosophical Analysis," in Morten Bergsmo, editor, Philosophical Foundations of International Criminal Law, vol. 2, CILRAP Publishing, 2019.

"In Search of the Negative in Rahel Jaeggi's Kritik von Lebensformen," in Amy Allen and Eduardo Mendieta, editors, From Alienation to Forms of Life: The Critical Theory of Rahel Jaeggi, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2018.

"Western Marxism: Revolutions in Theory," in Peter Gordon and Warren Breckman, Editors, The Cambridge History of Modern European Thought, 2019.

"Toward a Critical Theory of Death: Adorno on Dying Today," Journal of Adorno Studies 1.1, Spring 2016.

"Two Cheers for the Impunity Norm," Philosophy and Social Criticism, Winter-Spring 2016.

 "Amnesties and Jus Post Bellum," in Larry May, ed., Jus Post Bellum, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2013 | Download article (.pdf, 253kb)

"Anti-Dialectics: Arnold Gehlen and the Fate of Conservative Philosophical Anthropology in Germany," in Peter Hohendahl and Erhard Schuetz, eds., Konservative politische Kultur nach 1945 in Deutschland und in die USA, 2012

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(with Mark Freeman) "The Amnesty Controversy in International Law," in Leigh Payne and Francesca Lessa, eds., Amnesty in the Age of Human Rights Accountability: Comparative and International Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2012. Portuguese translation in Marcello Torelly et. al., eds., A Anistia na Era da Responsabilização – o Brasil em perspectiva internacional e comparada," Ministry of Justice of Brazil, 2011 | Download article (.pdf, 284kb)

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"Pragmatism and Solidarity with the Past: Mead, Benjamin and the Ends of Memory," in Chad Kautzer and Eduardo Mendieta, editors, Pragmatism, Nation, and Race: Community in the Age of Empire, University of Indiana Press, 2009

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Curriculum vitae

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