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Electricity usage

Electricity Use

Electricity use has remained steady even as the campus has grown in both the number of students and staff as well as research activities.

Biomass use

Biomass use

At the Central Heating Plant, wood chips or biomass fuel is used to provide the campus with heat and hot water. Use of biomass has grown steadily since first incorporated into the campus energy strategy in 2007.

Smart Energy Building

LEED Buildings

In projects that involve new construction and/or substantial renovation, LEED or green building standards are used. Binghamton University's first two LEED certified buildings are Mountainview's Windham and Cascade Halls. In 2009, the University Downtown Center earned LEED silver status. Bingham Hall in the new Newing Community and the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center also has LEED silver designation. Broome and Delaware halls in Newing have been certified LEED Gold. In 2013, LEED Platinum was attained for the Engineering and Science Building.

Energy savings features incorporated in these buildings include high efficiency mechanical equipment, lighting, motors and boilers, daylight views that reduce the need for lighting and a heat recovery system.



The campus has an aggressive recycling program.

Sustainability projects

Every year dozens of projects take place aimed at improving energy efficiency. Site lighting in campus parking lots and along walkways has been upgraded with LED lighting. In summer 2018, light poles in the Old Dickinson Community were replaced with new poles and LED lighting.

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Last Updated: 9/21/18