Binghamton Roadmap

Road Map to Premier A strategic plan for our future

In 2013, Binghamton University published its Road Map to Premier strategic plan. We chose a combination of methods developed and used by other universities, government agencies, corporations and small community groups to build our Road Map with the assistance of more than 400 volunteers from the campus and community. Beginning with a broad goal in mind — making Binghamton University the premier public university of the 21st century — we established a timeline and a general process that would involve people from across campus and from the community. The plan was updated in 2017, through the Road Map Renewal, which again included input from all stakeholders. 

Strategic Priorities

Reaiming the Road Map

It’s 2021, and Binghamton University is again revisiting its Road Map to Premier strategic plan. Reaiming the Road Map includes the addition of a sixth strategic priority — Internationalization — that acknowledges the critical importance of ensuring the University’s global perspectives. This new strategic priority will focus on supporting, promoting and enhancing strategic internationalization efforts through high-impact learning, teaching, research and engagement.

Each of the now six strategic priority steering committees is charged with developing or refining its goals and metrics, and with creating proposals for funding to advance those goals. Proposals will be evaluated this spring and successful initiatives will be announced.