Id cards

Your Binghamton ID Card

Your student ID is needed for residence hall and room access as well as many other student services including:

  • Meal plan and BUCS
  • Free rides on Binghamton city buses
  • Access to on-campus fitness/gym facilities
  • Identification on campus and beyond
  • Checking out library books
  • Printing access

New students-upload your student ID photo today!

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  • You will need your Binghamton University User ID and password to login.

How to treat your Student ID Card

While your card does not have personal information on it, someone can use it to access your meal plan, BUCS, etc. You should treat your card like a credit card or other valuable personal items:

  • Do not punch a hole in your ID card.
  • Keep your ID away from other cards in your wallet – this could demagnetize your new ID Card.
  • Do not place your ID Card in the pocket on the back of your phone or near a wireless phone charger - this could demagnetize your ID Card.
  • Please note: Once your card is demagnetized in your possession, you will be responsible for the $20 replacement ID Card fee.

Replacement ID cards 

Students needing a replacement card must use the ID Card Replacement Request link in the portal.  

If your ID card is lost, damaged, stolen or demagnetized, you can request a replacement. A $20 fee will be assessed to your student account, and any previous ID cards will be deactivated once the Replacement ID Card has been processed.

  • Once the form below has been submitted and a Replacement ID Card has been processed, the $20 fee cannot be waived if you later find a lost/stolen ID or you fail to pick up the Replacement ID Card.
  • Once your replacement ID Card has been printed, you will receive an email with pickup information.  You must provide a government-issued photo ID to pick up your card. 
  • The picture on file will be used to create the Replacement ID Card.
  • It can take up to 1 hour before access to buildings is activated/restored once a new card is processed.  Meal Plan access and bus access takes 20 minutes to roll over to the new ID card.  Printing access will refresh overnight.
  • E-mail requests MUST be sent from your official Binghamton University e-mail account and include your B number.
  • Please note: If you find your lost/stolen card before you pick up your new card, you can email to see if your request can be canceled. If it has already been printed, you will need to pick up the new card and pay the $20 replacement fee as the old card has been deactivated.  We can not re-activate a deactivated ID Card.

Replacement card form

Personal Information
Was your Binghamton University ID lost or stolen?
Is your ID Card damaged or demagnetized?
Did you get a red temporary ID card from the University Police?

Emergency after-hours ID Card replacement - Once semester begins 

If you are locked out of your room or unable to access your meal plan, and this causes an emergency or hardship for you, please go to the University Police Department (Couper Administration Building, Room G24) and they can issue a temporary ID Card good for 5 days. You will be able to use this card for your Meal Plan only; you will need to contact your RA/RD for temporary access to your building/room. This will give you time to submit the form to request a replacement ID Card. 

ID replacement fees and your student account

  • A $20 fee will be assessed to your student account upon receipt of your request.
  • Payment may be made at Student Accounts online on Quikpay (24 hours later).
  • Replacement fees are subject to late fees if not paid in a timely manner.

Binghamton undergraduate continuing as a graduate student

  • An undergraduate who continues as a graduate student at Binghamton University should obtain a new ID card. Graduate student ID cards provide additional library privileges.
  • We are not able to print your new graduate ID Card until you have officially received your undergraduate degree.  Your new graduate ID Card will be available to print in early August or early January if you become a new graduate student in the spring semester.  Please email to request your new graduate ID Card in August or January.  
  • There is no fee when the initial graduate student ID is issued.
  • There is a $20 replacement fee if the ID is lost, stolen or damaged.

Faculty, staff and professional ID Cards

Faculty and staff ID cards are available in Human Resources in the Couper Administration Building, Room 244. Please contact HR for office hours - 607-777-5333.

Non-state employees ID Cards

Supervisors of non-state employees working on campus must email to arrange for printing of new ID Card. 

Research Foundation Staff, Volunteer and Visiting Faculty ID Cards

Supervisors of Research Foundation staff, volunteers and visiting faculty members must email to arrange for printing of new ID Card.