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Terrence Kane
Terrence Kane
Assistant Vice President for
Government Relations
(607) 777-5014

Terry Kane leads Binghamton University's state relations efforts. He is responsible for coordinating the University′s state legislative agenda, including budgetary strategies as well as project and policy development. Our state relations office acts as the intermediary between the University and the state Legislature, the Executive Branch and other state agencies and local governments. Kane is responsible for communicating important University initiatives to state officials in a way that strengthens their understanding and support of the University.


Darcy Fauci
Darcy Fauci
Federal Relations Director
(607) 777-3865

Darcy Fauci heads up Binghamton University's Federal Relations. She is responsible for overseeing the information flow as well as direct interactions with our congressional delegation. The federal relations office also facilitates University faculty and staff visits with federal representatives and federal agency staff members. Fauci also coordinates Binghamton University's response to federal legislation, fiscal matters, and policies that impact the University. She works to help our federal representatives understand the University's initiatives in order to secure federal support for key projects.


Last Updated: 9/7/17