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Large Center Development

The Office of Strategic Research Initiatives helps to expand Binghamton University's capacity to pursue major center-based research initiatives that enhance our national and international reputation.  We provide the following services to achieve this goal:

  • Connect Binghamton researchers from across campus interested in developing strategic alliances
    - Promote the development of interdisciplinary research teams
    - Serve as a nexus for connecting researchers from across campus interested in developing collaborations
    - Identify and share external funding opportunities related to identified large scale research interests
  • Aid the development of research and funding strategies in response to the funding opportunity landscape
    - Coordinate with the Director of Federal Relations to identify trends in Federal and New York State science policy that may lead to new opportunities
    - Support teaming around areas of interest
  • Coordinate large scale proposal efforts
    - Determine strategic alignment based on solicitation
    - Work with the research team to establish proposal development strategy and timeline
    - Assist with development of promotional, collaborative and research strategies to increase proposal competitiveness
    - Manage internal review of proposal prior to submission
    - Coordinate with appropriate Division of Research offices

Open Science as Roadmap to Better Data Science Research

Professor Beth A. Plale
Professor, Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering
Indiana University Bloomington

Program Manager
National Science Foundation

Thursday, December 6, 2019
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Admissions Center, AM 189

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