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Innovations In Healthcare

Why Healthcare?

More than $2 trillion is spent each year on healthcare in the United States. The coming decade is certain to see advances in areas ranging from personalized medicine to electronic medical records, and Binghamton University researchers are poised to contribute innovative ideas to this vital field.


Research That Transforms Lives

Binghamton University researchers direct their innovative energies to advancing healthcare every day. Faculty members have contributed to breakthroughs in cancer detection, child mental health, Parkinson's disease treatment and medical devices, to name just a few projects. Our laboratories put new therapies to the test, our nurse-educators develop better treatment regimens and our engineers and management experts consider how to run hospitals more efficiently. Now, they're coming together to form exciting new collaborations with each other, with researchers from other schools and with healthcare facilities.
These partnerships promise to improve our quality of life, lead to economic development in Greater Binghamton and beyond, expand the University's research portfolio and raise its national profile. By capitalizing on its historic strengths in fields ranging from psychology to mechanical engineering and from nursing to leadership, Binghamton University can give new meaning to an old nickname for this region: The Valley of Opportunity.

Healthcare is one of several transdisciplinary areas of excellence that will guide Binghamton University's faculty hiring during the next several years. It has also been identified as a priority by SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher and by Timothy Killeen, president of the Research Foundation and SUNY vice chancellor for research. By working across disciplines and across institutions — and by aligning our educational and research missions — we can maximize our impact on the quality, availability and affordability of healthcare for all New Yorkers. Together, we will ensure that the latest innovations in healthcare travel speedily from the lab bench to the bedside.


Next Steps

• A faculty team will help to identify Binghamton's existing strengths in healthcare research as well as gaps in staffing that must be filled to facilitate interdisciplinary work. Faculty hiring will be directed accordingly.
• Investments will be made to improve campus infrastructure as needed to support healthcare projects.
• University leaders are exploring additional partnerships with healthcare institutions such as SUNY Upstate Medical University and its Binghamton Clinical Campus, United Health Services, Lourdes Hospital and the Mayo Clinic.

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Last Updated: 8/10/16