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Apartment Styles

Both Hillside and Susquehanna have different styled apartments. Hillside has 4 and 6 person apartments and Susquehanna has 2 and 4 person apartments. Hillside has 16 different residential buildings and Susquehanna has 4 residential buildings that are broken up into clusters.


The 4-person apartments consist of 4 single rooms, kitchen, common area, shower room with a sink and a toilet room with a sink.

The 6-person apartments in Rockland and Saratoga consist of 6 single rooms, 2 full bathrooms, common area, and kitchen.

The 6-person apartments in Filmore, Glimmerglass and Nyack consist of 4 single rooms, 2-super single rooms, common area, kitchen, 2 shower rooms with sinks, and 2 toilet rooms with sinks.

Each apartment includes a full kitchen with a fridge, stove, cabinets, storage area, a living room with furniture, and are carpeted. All bedrooms (except super single rooms which have a full-sized bed) include an extra-long twin bed, dresser, desk, and closet for each occupant.

Hillside Room Measurements
Adirondack, Belmont, Catskill, Darien, Evangola, Hempstead, Jones, Palisades (4-person apartments)

  • Room A and B: 9'5" x 12'6"
  • Room C and D: 8'2" x 12'6"
  • Adirondack 104, 106; Belmont and Catskill 101, 103; Evangola 101, 103 Handicapped Accessible Apartments (4- person apartments; all single rooms)
  • Room A and B: 8'0" x 12'6"
  • Room C and D: 9'5" x 12'6"
  • Keuka, Lakeside, Minnewaska (4-person apartment; all single rooms)
  • All rooms: 8'0" x 12'6"
  • Fillmore, Glimmerglass, Nyack (6- person apartments; 4 single rooms and 2 super single rooms)
  • Rooms A, B, C, D (singles): 7'6" x 12'6"
  • Rooms E, F (super-singles): 13'6" x 12'6"
  • Rockland, Saratoga (6- person apartments; all single rooms)
  • All Rooms: 7'6" x 12'6"


The 2-person consists of 1 super-single, 1 single room, kitchen, common area, 1 bathroom and a storage room. This style of apartment is also used for family housing.

The 4-person consists of 4 single bedrooms, kitchen, common area, 2 bathrooms (shower/tub with sink) and (toilet with sink) and a storage room.

All apartments are furnished with an extra-long twin bed with drawers underneath, desk, stove, fridge, and living room furniture. Apartments are also carpeted.

Susquehanna Room Measurements
2-person apartment dimensions:

  • Super Single room: 15.6' x 11'
  • Single: 10.4' x11.4'
  • 4-person apartment dimensions (all single rooms):
  • E-bedroom: 10.8' x 11'
  • H bedroom: 9.4' x11'
  • J Bedroom: 7'x 12.6'
  • K Bedroom: 9.1'x11'

For more information or if you have any questions about the Hillside apartment styles please call 607.777.4455
For more information or if you have any questions about the Susquehanna apartment styles please contact Karen Gerchman by email or call 607.777.2904

Please note that all bedrooms do have closets.

Typical 2-person apartment in Susquehanna:

Susquehanna 2 person apartment

Typical 4-person apartment in Susquehanna:

Susquehanna 4 person apartment

Last Updated: 11/1/18