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What is Super Occupancy Housing (SOH)?

Super Occupancy Housing (SOH) is a temporary housing configuration of 3 or more students within one room or lounge (depending on the size of the space). While this may not be an ideal arrangement, it is a temporary one in order to house all of our new freshmen. Our goal is to move students to regular occupancy spaces as soon as possible. Students do not need to get on a wait list to be moved out of SOH, they will be assigned traditional spaces within their own communities as soon as they become available, usually before the end of the semester. We have found that many students enjoy the arrangement so much, they choose to remain in SOH.

Why will I be living in SOH?

Typically, students in SOH completed their housing application after the majority of incoming students completed theirs, so available space was limited.

Why is there a high demand for on-campus housing at Binghamton this year?

More students are choosing to enroll at Binghamton and a very high percentage of our returning students have chosen to stay on campus rather than move to off-campus options. Binghamton Residential Life works hard to accommodate any student who wishes to live on campus while making living conditions as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

How long can I expect to live in Super Occupancy Housing?

Students in SOH spaces are our highest priority and we actively work to relocate them. Most years the majority of students are moved from SOH before the end of the fall semester. If all roommates choose to remain in their SOH, they may do so. Otherwise, as space permits in each building, students will be moved into regular occupancy rooms.

What can I expected my Super Occupancy space to look like?

These spaces are standard double rooms that are increased by adding an extra bed and dresser. Space permitting, an extra desk and chair can be requested. Temporary lounges will be set up with beds, desks, dressers and wardrobes for between 4 and 6 residents.

Tips for students living in Super Occupancy Housing

  • Contact your roommates to see what they will be bringing and what you can share. Take this opportunity to learn about their lifestyles, likes and schedules.
  • We arrange furniture in SOHs to optimize space but it can be re-arranged to make your space as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. Once on campus, you can contact your building staff for additional options.
  • Please keep an open mind and have fun. Living in a group environment gives you the opportunity to learn about other people interactively and face-to-face, it’s the best part of university living and learning.

What happens if students living in Super Occupancy Housing wish to remain together?

Sometimes students assigned to live in SOH wish to remain together and not change rooms even if there is a non-SOH space for them to move to. We encourage all students to be in involved in the conversation regarding whether to remain living in SOH.

Will students in Super Occupancy Housing receive a housing discount?

At the end of the fall semester, Residential Life will adjust students’ housing charges based on how long the student was housed in SOH. If students want to voluntarily remain in this super-occupied arrangement even when a non-SOH space has been offered to them, the credit will be based on the date that the students opted to voluntarily live in SOH.  Students that are offered a non-SOH space within their area but decline the offer will be considered to be in voluntary SOH.

Estimated Credit Per Night:
CIW, Health and Wellness Community at Old Digman, Hinman – $10
CIW break housing, Mountainview, Newing, Dickinson – $11
Mountainview break housing, Newing break housing – $12


CIW Seneca

SOH room in CIW Seneca

Dickinson Digman

SOH room in Dickinson Digman

Mountainview Hunter

SOH Room in Mountainview Hunter

Mountainview Marcy

SOH room in Mountainview Marcy

Newing Endicott

SOH room in Newing Endicott

Last Updated: 1/10/19