Moving In

We look forward to welcoming you to campus in August! Though this highly unusual year has caused us to adapt our move-in process, we’re committed to following public health guidelines and preserving our students’ safety. We’ll do our best to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved.

Quarantine information for students coming in from out of state

Binghamton University is following a series of state public health guidelines. One of these guidelines is for students coming to Binghamton from states that are on the New York  “quarantine list.” If you’re from one of these states (see Restricted States list here, you must complete a 14-day quarantine prior to moving into your campus residence hall.

If you are in this situation, you have three available options:

  1. Complete the required quarantine in New York state (or another location not subject to the quarantine requirement) independently prior to move-in day. 
  2. Complete the required quarantine at the University’s designated quarantine location. There is no additional cost to you. 
  3. Enroll in remote course instruction for the fall term and cancel housing without penalty. 

If you elect to quarantine, you will need to complete the New York State Traveler Health Form in advance of the 14-day quarantine period. More information about the health form and a link to complete it is available online.

If you quarantine independently (i.e. not at a University-arranged site), we will require a copy of your completed Traveler Health Form in advance of permitting you to move into your residence hall. Fill out our Pre-authorized Arrival Form

University-provided quarantine

Students who wish to quarantine in University-provided facilities will be housed at a nearby hotel. There is no additional cost for this accommodation. Meals will be delivered for your convenience and charged to your meal plan. 

If you plan to use this option, plan to arrive Wednesday, Aug. 19, so that you will have seven days of quarantine completed prior to the start of classes. You’ll be able to take courses online for the remaining seven days of your quarantine period and after that you’ll move to your campus residence hall and start attending the in-person classes on your schedule.

Move-in process

Move-in will take place over a one-week period — Wednesday, Aug. 19 through Tuesday, Aug. 25. New students will move in the first four days, returning and transfer students will move in during the final three days. The purpose of this staggered move-in is to accommodate COVID-19 testing and to manage density as recommended by public health guidelines.

Arrival to campus

  • Enter campus through the main entrance on Glenn Bartle Drive, proceed immediately to the Events Center and park your vehicle in Lot F for your COVID-19 test. See campus map for directions.
  • Arrive on campus only during your pre-selected and designated move-in date and time. You will not need to complete move-in within that hour, but you must report to the testing location at the Events Center during that window of time.
    • Students who do not arrive during their designated date and time will need to find alternative accommodations until there is an available move-in slot. The controlled flow of students returning to campus is essential in preventing unnecessary contact and exposure during the move-in process.
  • Only two people may accompany you to campus.
  • Cover your nose and mouth at all times with a mask or cloth face-covering while in public spaces. Maintain a 6-foot distance between yourself and others whenever possible.

COVID-19 testing

Decker Student Health Services Center has released more information about testing on this web page.

  • You must present a photo ID prior to entering the Events Center to be tested. Students with no available photo ID will be asked to confirm identifying information. Students under of the age of 18 are required to bring parental consent for testing.
  • Know your B-Number, the name of the community you will be moving into and your PODS username and password.
  • Only students will be allowed to enter the Events Center building. You must continue to keep your noses and mouths covered with a mask or cloth covering, except while being tested. The test will be done via a nasal swab and should be painless.
  • Your test results will be available approximately 30 minutes after testing and will be sent to your mobile device. If you do not have a mobile device, you should use the computer available to check and print your results.
    • Students who receive positive test results will be asked to meet with a staff member. If you are not able to return home to quarantine, then you will be placed at one of the designated on-campus quarantine residence halls for at least 10 days.
    • Students who receive negative test results test may continue to the Residential Life check-in area at the West Gym, where you should be prepared to show your negative results to the Residential Life staff members so they can facilitate your check-in. New students will receive their Binghamton University IDs, and all students will receive a bag containing hand sanitizer, a reusable cloth and two reusable face masks.

Moving in

  • After checking in with Residential Life at the West Gym, you will be allowed to begin moving into your room. Follow the directional signs to your residence hall and designated parking areas.
  • Parents or others accompanying you are not permitted in the residential buildings. We strongly advise you to limit the number of belongings you bring to campus and pack only what you feel you can carry or transport to your living space. Here are some suggestions of what to bring to campus.
  • Green carts will be available in limited supply for you to use to move your belongings into your room. Once you are finished with the cart, return it to the designated location.
  • The driver must remain with your car at all times, and the car must be moved as soon as it is unloaded. Lot G1, Lot M3 and Lot M4 will be available for temporary parking (see campus map). Wifi will be available in these locations. Follow signage and pay close attention to traffic pattern changes. There are no restrictions on leaving and re-entering campus, although we do ask that you limit exit/re-entry to reduce traffic flow.
  • The OCCT campus shuttle will be operating during move in days to provide students transportation around the main campus. The shuttle will be available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will be serviced by a blue bus to accommodate demand and social distancing regulations.


If you feel you cannot comply with the safety guidelines that are outlined above, you may cancel your on-campus housing. 

Families and students who are found to have intentionally violated the directives provided will be considered in violation of the housing license and addendum and will be subject to loss of housing privileges without refund. 

Select your move-in date/time

  • Login below to select your move-in date/time
  • Students who select a move-in date/time and later decide they need to change it, may do so by logging back into the system and selecting a different one.


We will continue to work to make campus a safe and healthy place for you and the Binghamton University community, but we ask for your help and cooperation in doing so.

For the most up-to-date information, continue to check this page and the University’s Restarting Binghamton Plan webpage.