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Parents and Guardians

Paola Mignone

My staff is here to help your student make the most of their living and learning experience. We understand that living in a community and sharing a room is a new experience for many of our residents. Learning basic life skills in a supportive environment will benefit your student throughout their life. Being surrounded by students on similar learning paths and in close proximity to library, classrooms and faculty offices also enhances their educational experience.

At Binghamton, we view parents and guardians as essential partners in an important relationship encompassing students, parents/guardians and the University. Through this team approach, we hope to create a positive alliance that can provide your student with the optimal support system. Because our students often learn best by “doing,” we hope that you will help them take the lead in acting on their desires and concerns.

I understand that a parent’s role never ends, it just changes over time. When students enter college, a parent's role evolves to one that fosters independence and responsibility through ongoing encouragement and support. Whether you live nearby or far away, you can be a valuable support system for your student. We hope that the following pages offer some insight and information that can assist you as you help your student navigate through their college experience. By working together as partners, we can help your student have an enriching, positive and productive Binghamton experience!

Paola Mignone
Interim Director of Residential Life and University Housing

Last Updated: 8/20/18