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Invitations for fall 2019

Entry into the Binghamton University Scholars Program is by invitation only and no supplemental application materials are required.  This year the University received approximately 38,000 applications making it one of our most competitive years.  Invitations to the Scholars Program for fall 2019 are now complete and all positions are filled.

Please note that the Scholars Program is very small, and only 110-120 of the 38,000 applicants to Binghamton University are enrolled in the program each year.  Our University Office of Admissions makes all decisions regarding invitations to the Scholars Program and with the task of offering admission to so few students, then even some of the best students in the US may not get invited. 

However, Binghamton University offers dozens of opportunities for high achieving students to gain academic recognition and academic challenge including university-wide graduation honors, school/college-wide honors programs, departmental graduation honors and a host of honor societies.

For a complete list of honors opportunities please visit  We also offer opportunities for research at the undergraduate level and for students to work in laboratories, as tutors, and as teaching assistants. 

We wish all applicants to Binghamton University our best wishes as you embark on your higher education journey.  

What is the Binghamton University Scholars Program?

The Binghamton University Scholars Program is a selective, all-University, four-year honors program for students of exceptional merit. The program includes academic expectations, professional and just-for-fun extracurricular activities, community involvement and opportunities for students to showcase their work.

Scholars never stop learning (or having fun).

Eye-opening courses. Fun events. An unforgettable residential life experience. Students in the Scholars Program get to experience college on an entirely different level and enrich their lives in ways they never thought possible. Find out all the exciting things Scholars get to do by reading our magazines/newsletters, browsing through our photos and/or stopping by our social media accounts. See how exciting a Year in the Life of a Scholar really is!

All you need to know about the Scholars Program in one handy book.


Last Updated: 5/28/19