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Honors at Binghamton University

The Binghamton University Scholars Program is the only university-wide honors program at Binghamton University. However, Binghamton also offers university-wide graduation honors, school/college-wide honors programs, departmental graduation honors, a host of honor societies, and opportunities for undergraduate research, civic engagement, internships, study abroad, and more.


The Scholars Program is a very small program, and enrollments are typically from the top three percent of applicants to Binghamton University.  Selecting the few students that are admitted to the program is a difficult and imperfect task. Binghamton’s Admissions Office chooses which applicants will be invited to the Scholars Program.  The review process is holistic in nature and includes grades, standardized test scores and a host of other factors.  Additionally, invitations to the Scholars Program are based on proportional representation from Harpur College of Arts and Science, the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science,  The Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and the College of Community and Public Affairs. In trying to maintain that balance and offering admission to so few students, even some of the best students from around the country and around the world may not receive an invitation.


Binghamton has much to offer and the Binghamton University Scholars Program is just one of a multitude of scholarly opportunities available to our students. The Honors at Binghamton University guide provides a comprehensive list of honors opportunities available at Binghamton University.

Last Updated: 3/11/20