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SSD Registered Students

The Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) staff is ready to assist you each semester with your equal access needs and we're always available to consult or brainstorm with you as you consider opportunities or face challenges along the way.

Some reminders:
  1. SSD Registered Students who have been authorized for accommodations by the SSD office, need to complete a "Semester Request" form each semester in order to receive their accommodations.
  2. SSD Registered Students will meet with each of their professors as soon as possible and during their office hours, reviewing the accommodation authorization letters, discussing your equal access accommodations, and confirming with them a mutually agreeable plan for their implementation throughout the semester.


We encourage you to contact the SSD office with any questions or concerns. We're available by phone at 607-777-2686 or you are welcome to stop by our office, in University Union -119.


Last Updated: 7/24/17