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Support & Resources

Services for Students with Disabilities offers a variety of personal support services to assist students in making the most of their time at Binghamton University. SSD Personal Counseling, Advocacy, and Referral Services are designed to aid students in addressing disability-related issues and support them in their personal growth and educational development.

Counseling & Referrals

  • Counseling and mentoring; peer advising upon request; consultation and advocacy regarding matters of campus accessibility; and on-campus referrals.
  • Liaison and advocacy with outside agencies, including New York State's Vocational and Education Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID), the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped (CBVH), and various home health-care agencies.

Career Development

As you immerse yourself in your college studies, your eventual professional career may seem to be a lifetime away. The truth is, however, that your time spent here at Binghamton can help you to prepare for future challenges and opportunities. This transition period in your life offers you a "safe" time for exploring your values, interests and goals. In fact, Binghamton offers an excellent opportunity to sample several fields of study and to integrate your academic pursuits with internships or volunteer experiences that provide first-hand experience and concrete job skills. The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) and the SSD staff can assist you with your career exploration and goal development. Once you're settled into campus life, come to the SSD office and make an appointment with either the SSD Director or Learning Disabilities Specialist, so we can talk about how you'd like to use your experience here to enhance your future at Binghamton and beyond.

We encourage you to visit the Center for Career and Professional Development CCPD website for information about the many ways they can assist you in your career development and job search. While you're at it, visit the Center for Civic Engagement website also for information about meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Last Updated: 4/11/16