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Executive Program in Health Systems — Manhattan - Master of Science Degree

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Benefits of this program include: 

  • Increased competitive advantage for leadership roles in transforming healthcare delivery systems

  • Ability to identify and solve efficiency problems in healthcare systems using systems engineering techniques, data analytics, and process improvement

  • Connection with experienced faculty and professionals with proven track records in the field

Executive masters in Health systems

Why our Executive Program in Health Systems?

A snapshot of degree options, courses and career paths (.pdf, 297KB).

This twelve (12) month Executive Program in Health Systems is designed to provide individuals with a bachelor’s degree the opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge and skills for modeling, analyzing and/or designing healthcare delivery systems and processes.


The Industrial and Systems Engineering and Systems Science disciplines play a significant role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems. Over the years, they have helped healthcare facilities improve total quality management, scheduling and sequencing in outpatient clinics, and operational control, such as medical records and patient turnaround time in emergency rooms to name a few. With the ultimate goal being continuous process improvement, the research methodology looks at current work flow, identifies bottlenecks, and finally proposes solutions and recommendations, using a number of tools, such as modeling and simulation, problem solving, statistical analysis, operations research, human factors engineering and data mining. The focus will be on improving safety, cost, quality, and efficiency of healthcare delivery processes.

Immediate Feedback Opportunity

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Application Deadline

Admission to the program occurs on a rolling basis. Early early application is encouraged. Click here to apply.

For Additional Information

Dr. Mohammad Khasawneh
Graduate Director
E-mail: mkhasawn@binghamton.edu
Phone: 607-777-4408

Erin Hornbeck
E-mail: hornbeck@binghamton.edu
Phone: 607-777-6511

Twitter icon Now also on Twitter - @ExecMSinHealth

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Last Updated: 3/15/19