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Where the fun is.

The University Union is the center for social, service and recreational activities at Binghamton University. If you’re looking for Kosher food, a bowling alley, a pool table, a kiln to fire your latest project or a ride to Brookhaven for Thanksgiving, this is the place to go.

The University Union and the University Union West house the Student Association and offices for campus organizations like Off Campus College, the Multicultural Resource Center, Campus Life and more. If you’re hungry, you’ll find the Food Court, Food Co-op and Kosher Kitchen nearby.

When it’s time to play, go to the ground floor of the University Union to find a billiards room, bowling alley, ping-pong room, video arcade and the Undergrounds coffeehouse. University Union West is home to a video rental store, Munchies mini mart, a branch of Visions Federal Credit Union and various campus publications, including Pipe Dream, the student-run newspaper. The University Bookstore is located in University Union West.

Last Updated: 7/26/18