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How Can I Study Abroad?

Where do you want to go? How will the experience align with your academic and professional goals? As a Binghamton University student within the SUNY System, you can take part in all of the study abroad programs offered at any SUNY school for the same price. Use the SUNY Study Abroad website to find a program that matches what you're looking for. For specifically Binghamton University programs, click here.


Who can help me?

A study abroad experience takes a lot of planning. There are many administrative staff members on campus who can help you along the way with any questions:

Office of International Education and Global Initiatives

Amber Jennings

Education Abroad Advisor


Fleishman Center for Career and Development


Student Support Services

Stephen Rebello

Associate Director of SSS


Student Support Services

Josh Perry

Learning and Data Specialist


Questions to Ask

Answers to common questions asked can be found here. Here are some questions to ask the staff during your assessment.

  • Are there any students I can reach out to who have studied abroad to this particular country/university to hear about their experiences?
  • No one in my family has ever studied abroad before. What has been the most helpful advice you give to parents like mine to help them understand the investment in studying abroad as an undergraduate?
  • What are some scholarships I can look into specifically for my major/region of study?
  • What has the success rate been for this scholarship amongst Binghamton students?
  • What kind of support does the school provide me when I am applying for this particular scholarship?



A list of scholarships, both Binghamton University-based and non-based, can be found on the OIP website here. Take note of the Myers Family Scholarship, Diversity Abroad Honors Scholarship and Evelio Figueroa Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship that give preference for underrepresented students. SSS students who have won scholarships in the past:


Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

Monica Kwon, Spring 2016

Yonglin (Pauline) Liang, Spring 2015

Eduardo Contreras, Summer 2014

Leah Ferentinos, Spring 2014

Aimee Mun, Fall 2014


Dr. Israel J. Rosefsky Language and Culture Scholarship

Ashley Hilfman, Fall 2017

Haronys Orelus, Summer 2017

Georgia Sackey, Summer 2016

Benjamin Chen, Summer 2016

Yonglin (Pauline) Liang, Spring 2015

Joyce Ofori, Spring 2013


Evelio Figueroa Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship

Kaitlin Brodsky, Fall 2016

Aimee Mun, Fall 2014


Myers Family Scholarship

Megan Pradichith, Summer 2017

Hui Li Chen, Summer 2017

Bertilia Tavarez, Winter 2017

Jahan Rivers, Fall 2016

Hui Min Guan, Summer 2016


Institute of Asia and Asian Diasporas Scholarship

Sharon Xu, Summer 2017


Education Abroad Ambassadors

Benjamin Chen, 2016-17

Dylan Miller, 2015-16


Fulbright Scholar

Karoline Kaon


Additional resources can be found on the OIP Diversity Abroad page. 

Last Updated: 1/8/19