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Why Study Abroad

SSS Eligible students have some of the lowest study abroad participation rates in the United States. Our students face a unique set of challenges when it comes to study abroad. Still, a study abroad experience is definitely possible for SSS Students, and we strive to see as many of them go abroad for education as possible. This opportunity is very much within reach and the benefits will have an impact academically, socially, and professionally. Visit the Office of International Programs website to get started.

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How Can I Study Abroad

Where do you want to go? How will the experience align with your academic and professional goals? As a Binghamton University student within the SUNY System, you can take part in all of the study abroad programs offered at any SUNY school for the same price.

Click here for more information on who at Binghamton University can help you plan your trip, questions to ask during your meeting, a list of scholarships to apply for and SSS students who have won these in the past.

Where They Go

See where SSS students have studied abroad to around the world. Hear reflections about study abroad from SSS students.

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Last Updated: 5/5/18