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Student Support Services Summer Program (S4P)

The Application deadline for the 2018 S4P has passed. You can still APPLY to join the program. If you're a prospective Binghamton student, check back here in May 2019 for details about S4P '19!

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Incoming Binghamton University students who have been invited to join Student Support Services are eligible to attend our summer program called S4P.  This summer program is an opportunity for us to welcome you to SSS and to help you prepare for your transition to Binghamton University.  S4P runs for four weeks in conjunction with Binghamton University's Summer Session Term II. 

Week 1 - On Campus:
Summer 2018 dates: Sunday, 7/8 - Saturday, 7/14
  • Students arrive on campus and live in one of our residence halls.
  • Students attend Orientation, and we cover the cost (typically about $225).
  • Students engage in workshops and activities, make friends, and meet faculty and staff.
  • Participate in the S4P Olympics and have a great time!
Weeks 2-4 - Online:
SUMMER 2018 DATES: Monday 7/16 - Friday 8/3

Students will participate in online workshops from the comfort of home to hone their skills before entering Binghamton in the Fall. We help you get an edge on the competition before you even start classes!

  • Academic workshops like math and writing to keep your knowledge and skills sharp over the Summer. This prepares you to hit the ground running when everyone else is still trying to figure things out!
  • Non-academic workshops designed to get you thinking about how to get engaged on campus, how to land leadership roles as soon as you can, how to start thinking about your career path, or just how to keep calm under pressure.
Welcome back week - On Campus:
SUMMER 2018 DATES: Move in day - Wednesday 8/15
  • Move in early, and beat the traffic!
  • Re-join your friends from S4P, and connect with our Fall Admits.
  • Attend a few last-minute workshops, but also have a lot more freedom to explore BU and the surrounding community
 To enroll in the Student Support Services Summer Program, just look for our invitation, which we send out each May.
For more information or if you have any questions, please e-mail Stephen Rebello or call us at 607-777-2024. We look forward to seeing you!


Here are some of the other perks you get by joining us for S4P:

During S4P

Free Orientation

As a new Binghamton University student, you must attend in a Summer Orientation session which typically costs around $225. S4P participants will attend Orientation during the first few days of S4P and SSS will cover the cost!

Early Move-in

All S4P participants are required to move in a week early for the Fall semester as there are workshops and fun activities held by our Mentors throughout the week. The workshops and activities during this week back vary from year to year, but have included some of the following: speaking with the Financial Aid office, Student Accounts office, and the Career Development Center, finding your classes, a tour of the East Gym (Fitness Center), and getting familiar with the bus system in Binghamton. In addition to that, you will get to avoid the chaos of moving in with the ~3,000 other freshman in August!

Pre-register Univ101The College Students in Transition class (UNIV 101) is one of the most popular classes students can register for in their first semester at Binghamton. S4P Participants can request to be pre-registered for a section of this class taught by SSS staff, and is exclusive to other SSS Students. This class fulfills the oral communication requirement, one of the many General Education classes that all Binghamton students must complete, and it fills up quickly during regular registration. S4P students who are enrolled in the Watson School of Engineering will also be pre-registered for Watson classes WTSN103 and WTSN111.

Registration Assistance

SSS staff and TRiO Mentors will be on-hand during the schedule building portion of Orientation to offer personalized, 1-on-1 assistance with planning for courses in the Fall. This can be one of the most stressful times students have during Orientation as seats to popular courses are limited, and navigating the huge range of available courses can be intimidating. Furthermore, our excellent university advising staff must help all the other students too. This level of individual support is not afforded to any other students during Orientation!

After S4P

Mentorship Program

S4P participants are assigned Mentors during the summer and throughout their freshman year of college to help them transition to Binghamton smoothly. Mentors act as role models, guiding the students whenever they need help with their academics or personal matters.

Counselor Meetings

Each student who enters the SSS program is assigned an individual academic counselor. These counselors become one of the best resources our students have on campus. We pride ourselves on building connections between all departments and offices on campus so we can help students find and connect with resources. The counselors also help students with career planning, and personal development and will also be a someone to confide in during your time at Binghamton.


SSS offers a substantial amount of tutoring to our students above and beyond that available to the general student body. The majority of our tutors come from the SSS program showing both our commitment to providing opportunities to our students, and our students commitment to giving back to the program. We purposefully provide this service and push students to take advantage of it in order to be the absolute best they can be. Whether you're struggling and want to improve, or already an "A" student looking to keep sharp, tutoring is for you.

Grant Aid Eligibility

Upon entering the SSS program, our students become eligible for the highly competitive grant aid we offer. Our most active and engaged students each semester are awarded grant aid. Getting a jump start on your engagement through S4P is a great way to create some momentum going into the fall semester. Stay engaged by going to counselor meetings, attending SSS events, attending SSS tutoring, and spending time in our study space!

Last Updated: 8/15/18