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SSS Abroad, Summer 2017 - Spring 2018

  • Atsuko Shimizu, Albany: Germany/UAS7 Exchange
  • Haronys Orelus, Albany: Spain/AIP Language Institute
  • Mmekom Udosen, Binghamton Independent Programs
  • Davina Campbell, Brockport: Ghana/The African Experience
  • Jovanny Mejia, China: Urban and Cultural Explorations in China
  • Megan Pradichith, Japan: Japanese Contemporary Art Animation and Beyond
  • Sharon Xu, Japan: Japanese Contemporary Art Animation and Beyond
  • Shirley Hu, Japan: Waseda University
  • Luisa Toribio, Montenegro: Art in Montenegro
  • Ashley Hilfman, New Paltz: Czech Rep/Charles University
  • Amber Chowdhury, New Paltz: Spain/Universidad de Sevilla
  • Jennifer Augustin, Peru: Service Learning in Cusco
  • Sedonia Lake, Peru: Service Learning in Cusco
  • Hui Li Chen, South Korea: Hanyang University
  • Grace Awosogba, StonyBrook: Italy/Florence University of the Arts
  • Khin Oo, StonyBrook: Madagascar/Summer in Madagascar
  • George Nunez, Study Abroad - Other SUNY Program
  • Maya Jones, United Kingdom: Lancaster University
  • Jazmine Samuels, United Kingdom: University of Nottingham

Student Reflections

Karoline Kaon, Fall 2012
Linguistics Major, Global Studies Minor
Taipei, Taiwan at National Taiwan University

The most rewarding experience I had studying abroad was a two week long bicycle trip around the entire island. My friend and I rode roughly for 1,000 kilometeres (about 620 miles) in 12 days. We met the most genuine and welcoming Taiwanese people ever. This trip enabled me to speak Chinese all the time. In Taiwan, they speak Chinese and Taiwanese. Travelling throughout the allowed me to learn some of the local dialect. I was able to connect to the people through their language.

Every college graduate, alumni, you name it mentioned that it was their only regret after leaving college. When I entered college, I planned very early on to study abroad. As a linguistics major, I was able to count credits towards my degree. More importantly, I got to apply the theory with real language context. And my language skills allowed me to land a job with a professor from Binghamton. I will be going to China to TA a geography course that is taught concurrently with Chinese High Schools students and Binghamton students.


Aimee Mun, Fall 2014
Math and Economics Major
Seoul, South Korea at Korea University

My time abroad gave me opportunities to grow in ways I couldn't have back home. I took classes where I learned statistics programming that are not offered at Binghamton. I learned how to adapt to new environments which taught me more about myself, my country and the diverse cultures of the new friends I made around the world. The stories of my experiences abroad that I was able to share with my family, friends, and interviewers has been and continues to be a valuable resource. 

Being in an environment with so many unique people excites you about the world and what is out there. My desire to continue traveling and learn languages has strengthened as a result of my semester abroad.


Joyce Ofori, Spring 2013
Linguistics Major, Global Studies Minor
Salamanca, Spain at Universidad de Salamanca

It has always been a dream of mine to study in Spain so when the opportunity came up, I quickly grabbed it. My program included a homestay which meant I had no choice but to live with a family. The only information I had on the family was their names and where they lived. This made me nervous and I began to wonder what kind of family they were, if they would like and how I would fit into their lives. My other concern was my Spanish. My reading and writing were okay but my conversation needed a lot of help. How was I supposed to survive four months with a family that didn't speak English? The first month was the hardest because of communication issues and trying to adjust to a different country and culture. My host family was very loving and supportive. They were there for me every day and made sure to include me in all family activities and discussions so I never felt left out. When my four months came to an end, it was very hard to leave my family. There was a lot of tears mingled with goodbyes and see you soon. It has been a year since I returned from Spain and I still keep in contact with my family and a part of me truly believes that I will return to Spain.

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