Studio productions

Open Season/Class Performances in Spring 2019

every brilliant thing

Every Brilliant Thing

By Duncan Macmillan.
Directed by Tom Kremer
Performed by Natividad Guillen and willing audience members!

May 6 and 7 at 7 p.m. in Studio A (FA 192)
Run time is approximately 80 minutes, free admission.

You're six years old. Mom's in the hospital. She finds it hard to be happy. So you start to make a list of everything that's brilliant about the world. Soon, the list will take on a life of its own. Join us for a workshop of this play followed by group discussions. Audience are invited to participate in performance. Post show discussions following each performance are open to all!

Attention potential Choreographers and Directors!

You are invited to submit proposals for choreographing or directing in the Fall 2019 Studio Season.

Proposals are Due Mon. April 22

Proposals are to include: Title of Play/Dance Piece, Playwright/Composer(s), Casting Breakdown (including number of actors/dancers and numbers of men and women), for published plays: royalty fees per show, whom to contact for the rights (including contact information), and cost of scripts (we must purchase scripts – no xeroxing).

Proposals must also include: why you want to direct this play/choreograph this dance, its significance to you personally and to your development as a director/choreographer, your concept for the production, any and all technical requirements (set, lighting, costume, sound, props, etc. - please include which items you will provide and which you hope to borrow from the department), potential casting and technical concerns, etc.

*You must be able to produce the show without any support from the Theatre Department's design/technical area, and must address how you will overcome potential production challenges in your proposal.

**Proposals must also include: the name and signature of your faculty advisor.

Directors: In addition to the above, please have a second play ready to propose in case your first choice is not approved by the greater faculty.

In addition to obtaining faculty approval, "In the Works" directors must have successfully completed the Directing class and THEA 203/213, and "In the Works" choreographers must have have successfully completed the Choreography class and THEA 203/213 or its equivalent.

In the Works plays may be a 25-45 minute one act play, or may be one act of a full length play. In the Works productions have 3.5 weeks of rehearsal, and usually open Thursday or Friday of the fourth week of rehearsal.

Please keep in mind that the budget for an In the Works production is the cost of royalties and scripts plus $50. (If no royalties or script costs then the "plus" amount only.)

The budget for directors who have successfully directed an In the Works production and are accepted to direct a full-length Studio play is royalty and script costs plus $200. A full length studio production has 5.5 weeks of rehearsal and usually opens the Thursday or Friday of the sixth week of rehearsal.

If you would like to be considered for the Fall 2019 Studio Season please submit your completed proposal to Elizabeth Mozer, Director of the Studio Program, by Mon. April 22.

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth via email at



The Theatre Department Production Handbook starting on pg. 19 may be of further assistance. 

Ticket information

Ticket prices (cash only)

  • InTheWorks: $2.00 at the door

  • Student-directed Studio Show: $3.00 at the door

  • Faculty-directed Studio Show: $5.00 at the door
  • Open Season: Free

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