With nearly 500 students, the Education Minor is the most popular minor on campus. The Education Minor helps students develop a strong foundation for further work in education at the graduate level in our education programs or anywhere else. The program consists of four courses (two required courses, two elective courses) and action hours (10 volunteer hours for entire minor and attendance at 3 events).

Teacher education is organized around several graduate-level programs. Some of our courses are open to undergraduates as electives, but our teacher certification programs are offered at the master's level only.

All of our programs boast strong content specialty as well as diverse student and faculty backgrounds. Faculty advisors and office staff are eager to assist students in tailoring their courses of study and field placements. Students are encouraged to take advantage of a well-established network of alumni and professional connections that will help with field visits and placements. There are urban, suburban and rural schools with internship opportunities in close proximity.

Our Initial Teacher Preparation (MSEd, MAT) programs are for students who do not yet have any certification to teach. We have programs that lead to initial certification in childhood-early childhood and adolescence English, mathematics, sciences, social studies and Romance languages.

Our Advanced Teacher Preparation (MSEd) programs are for students who already hold teacher certification. We have programs that lead to additional certification in adolescence, childhood, literacy, special education and TESOL education.

Our non-certification TESOL (MA) program enables graduates to teach in English as a Second Language (ESL) programs on college campuses or in other English programs across the globe. This track is also suitable for international students who wish to be involved in English education around the world, such as ESL programs in higher education or other intensive English programs.

Our non-certification Educational Studies (MS) program is designed for those interested in education as a general area of study and offers flexibility in course-taking around three areas: foundations, teaching and learning, and research. Generally, the program serves three types of students:

  1. International students interested in education, but who do not hold NYS certification.
  2. Teachers who would like a master's degree, but who do not qualify for one of our other programs.
  3. Professionals working in schools in non-teaching positions, such as therapists, counselors and other service providers, or those working in higher education or community agencies, who want to increase understanding of children or schools.

We have two programs that serve students interested in furthering their education beyond the master's degree.

Our Educational Leadership (CAS) program prepares prospective educational leaders to serve in pre-K through 12th-grade schools and school districts. The Educational Leadership program is open to experienced pre-K to grade 12 educators.

Our Educational Theory, Research and Practice (EdD) program is designed for professionals in various educational roles who are interested in a terminal degree in education-related studies. The EdD program integrates theory, knowledge, research and practice to increase understanding of and improve teaching and learning within the broader institutional, social, organizational and political context of early childhood, elementary, secondary and postsecondary educational settings and related fields.