Research Funding

Research Program Presentations

"How to Succeed in Sponsored Research: BEFORE You Write" workshop offered in 2017. You can find the presentation slides here (you must access from a Binghamton email address).

CAREER Proposal Bootcamp

In collaboration with the Office of Strategic Research Initiatives, in the winter and spring, we will also be providing a more intense preparation experience specifically targeted at NSF CAREER proposals. This will be a multi-part, university-wide activity that will include specific guidance on CAREER proposals, the participation of senior mentors, tailored feedback, and mock panel reviews. Watch this space for further details!

 Listed on this page are some general and some specific pointers to research opportunities available to Watson faculty. Many of these resources can be customized to search via keywords, geographic location, granting agencies, or other applicant qualifications.

Strategic Plans

The federal government and some of the federal agencies issue strategic technology plans from time to time. The most recent plans issued by the White House are listed here. Consider these for long-term guidance: where might the federal funding resources be in one, two, or three years from now?

Broad Databases

  • The Division of Research maintains a Funding Opportunities page that provides links to numerous opportunity resources across the University. 
  • One of the most widely useful resources found on the Funding Opportunities page will be the InfoEd SPIN searchable database. You can customize your searches to suit your own interests.
  • For basic research opportunities from numerous federal agencies, is available to all.
  • FedBizOpps is a similar site, but it lists all federal "business" opportunities, which includes available grants, contracts, and other procurements. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to, basic research programs, and so may contain information on applied research, technology development programs, demonstration programs, and announcements for briefings to industry, requests for information, and "source sought". Like the other sites, FedBizOpps can be customized with savable searches. 

Agency-Specific Information

Many funding agencies provide resources of their own. 

Check the Latest Opportunities

As specific opportunities arise that are especially well suited to Watson faculty research interests, these will be posted on the Recent Solicitations page. Check back frequently to find new opportunities. 

Not finding opportunities that interest you? Tell me what to look for!

 Research Funding Sources

Federal Agencies

State Agencies

General Research Databases

Community of Science Database

Binghamton University belongs to the Community of Science (COS).

COS is the leading Internet site for the global R&D community. COS brings together the world's most prominent scientists and researchers at more than 1,300 universities, corporations and government agencies worldwide. COS provides tools and services that enable these professionals to communicate, exchange information and find the people and technologies that are important to their work.

These services are accessed through the COS Workbench, a customized workspace for the individual member.

With a COS account, you can search more than 22,000 records, representing over 400,000 funding opportunities, worth over $33 billion -- updated daily. You can also sign up to receive weekly email alerts for research announcements in your specific research areas.

Request for travel funds form

The Watson School's Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies offers travel funds of up to $500 for Watson College faculty visiting potential program sponsors for discussions related to future funding opportunities.