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Requirements for the WGSS
Undergraduate Minor*

Six courses:

• WGSS 200: Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies;

• One course in Theoretical Inquiries in WGSS (WGSS 281, WGSS 381, WGSS 481);

• One course in Social Justice, Social Movements and WGSS (WGSS 282,WGSS 382,WGSS 482);

• One course in one of the following areas: Critical Humanities (WGSS 283, 383, 483) or Critical Social Sciences (WGSS 284, 384, 484);

• Two elective courses. The elective courses can be selected from the courses designated as WGSS. Any course not designated as WGSS must be approved by a WGSS advisor;

Of the six courses described above:

• At least three courses must be at the 300 level or higher; one of those three courses must be at the 400 level;

• Most courses in WGSS are cross-listed with courses from other departments; Students need to select courses that are cross-listed with courses from at least three different departments;

• At least half of the courses must be taken at Binghamton University;

* Students must receive a minimum of a C grade in order for a course to fulfill requirements for the minor, and no courses taken under the Pass/Fail option may be credited toward the minor.

* Note: Students who entered prior to the 2013-2014 Bulletin year can still complete requirements for the Women's Studies minor and certificate and should see the Undergraduate Advisor, Dara Silberstein, for advice on how to do so.

Last Updated: 5/7/19