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Jordan Musante, left, Lisbeth Pereyra and Arthur Seltenreich

Words to live by 

Human development professor Myra Sabir researches the life-changing effects of creative writing. Read about her workshop in CCPA's official magazine, Confluence

David Campbell

Faculty featured in ice bucket challenge story 

David Campbell, chair and associate professor of public administration, weighs in on the Ice Bucket Challenge, one year later, in a recent news story.

University Downtown Center

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Letter from Laura


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The College of Community and Public Affairs

In Service of Others

The College of Community and Public Affairs (CCPA) prepares our undergraduate and graduate students to work with individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations for the public good.

Located in the University Downtown Center in the heart of the city of Binghamton, CCPA puts students, faculty and staff in proximity to the local agencies with which they collaborate.

In CCPA, you'll find a practical way to change the world!

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Last Updated: 2/29/16