Types of Aid 

There are many different programs available to assist families in meeting the cost of higher education. Although every family’s financial aid package will be different, each consists of a combination of grants, loans and/or work study.

Aid is also available for study abroad and winter/summer sessions.

Basic responsibility for financing higher education rests with students and their families; financial aid is offered to supplement the family's maximum financial effort.

Types of Aid:

   > Federal Subsidized
   > Federal Unsubsidized
   > Perkins Loan
   > Nursing Loan
   > Graduate PLUS Loan
   > Parent PLUS Loan
   > Alternative (Private) Loans

   > Federal Pell Grant
   > Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity (FSEOG)
   > TEACH Grant
   > New York State Grants

Student Employment

    > Faculty Student Scholarship (available beginning December 2015)
    > Binghamton University Scholarships
    > Outside Scholarships


Last Updated: 4/30/15