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Returning Students

Fall housing sign-ups for 2016-17 are now over. Room change process for Fall 2016 runs through February 5, 2016.

Fall 2016 New and Transfer Students

As of April 6, 10:00 a.m. new and transfer students will be able to apply for fall 2016-17 housing. Please make sure enrollment deposit is paid at least 48 business hours in advance of your application.

  • Once you begin the application process you will be asked to read the housing license, review your personal details and enter at least one emergency contact.
  • You will be able to indicate whether you require break housing or would prefer our special housing options (i.e. Break housing is a great option for international students, athletes, out-of-state-students, working students and others who need to remain on campus during the four breaks when residence halls close.)
  • Freshmen will be asked to prioritize preferences among our five traditional residential communities. Transfers will be able to prioritize among our five traditional residential communities and our two apartment-style residential communities, so be sure to review the options on our website if you have not done so already.

Important Note: before you can access and sign up for housing, you must activate your Binghamton University Computer Account and e-mail account at password.binghamton.edu.

New and transfer students sign-up for housing here.

Housing Sign-up Videos for New Students

  • New Student Housing Submitting Preferences – watch video
    Check out how easy it is to submit your Binghamton University housing preferences!

Graduate Students

Adirondack House is reserved for graduate students.

Wait List & Room Swap

Wait List & Room Swap for Spring 2016 is now available. Go to the home page of the Community where you want to live, download the pdf form under Resources for Residents, fill out and take to that Community Area Office.

Spring 2016 Freshmen and Transfer Students

  • Apply for Fall 2016-2017 housing here.

Last Updated: 1/29/16