Pass/Fail Policy

For spring 2020, the following Pass/Fail policy will apply for all Binghamton University undergraduates except for those in academic programs where licensure or accreditation regulations prohibit (nursing and social work).

These changes affect only Binghamton University degree programs; your decision to select the P/F grade option may affect future applications to medical school and other graduate or professional programs. Students who are considering applying to such programs should consult their advising office for guidance.

These are the basic details for those in academic programs without licensure or accreditation restrictions:

  • Up to 12 credits may be taken with a P/F grade option in spring 2020 and used to satisfy degree requirements, including major/minor/General Education requirements, even if these 12 credits would cause a student to exceed their school/college’s cumulative P/F credit limit. (Students may take more than 12 credits for P/F and credit toward their degree if these additional credits do not cause them to exceed the cumulative P/F credit limit for their school/college. Refer to your college’s advising page for your specific limits.)
  • Students can decide whether to choose the P/F grading option after spring 2020 grades have been assigned. To give advising offices a chance to help each student make the decision that is best for them, the grade change option will be turned on after spring 2020 grades have been assigned.
  • Students will continue to have the option to receive a letter grade if they choose to do so. All undergraduate courses, except those in licensure-qualifying or accreditation-limited programs, will have the P/F grade option even if the P/F grade option was not originally offered for the course.
  • A grade of “P” will satisfy progression requirements in prerequisite courses.

Many students will benefit most by electing to take only a few or even no courses with the P/F option. This policy allows students to wait until after grades have been assigned before deciding whether to choose the P/F grade option.

Follow the links below to find your school’s specific advice:

For financial aid students, here is some important information to questions you may have

COVID-19 and Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) 

The recent COVID-19 Relief Package, will provide Institutions with increased flexibility related to federal SAP policies and guidelines.  The following are based on pending Legislative approval.

Q: If I decide to change my grade from a letter grade to a Pass/Fail, will this negatively affect my eligibility for federal or New York State aid, according to SAP guidelines?  

A: No. A grade of P or F will not negatively impact your aid eligibility for the spring 2020 semester.

Q: If I withdraw for the semester due to a COVID-19 related circumstance, will this negatively affect my eligibility for federal aid, according to SAP guidelines?

A: No, leniency will be provided to students for the spring 2020 semester.

Q: If I withdrew for the semester prior to the change in course delivery method due to  COVID-19, will this negatively affect my eligibility for  aid, according to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) guidelines?  

A: It depends on your SAP status at the start of the Spring 2020 semester.  Please review the guidelines on the financial aid website, which are still applicable to you.  If it is determined that you are no longer eligible for federal aid at the end of the spring 2020 semester, you may be able to pursue a federal or state waiver based on extenuating circumstances.