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Economic Impact

Binghamton University positively impacts the local economy of Broome and Tioga counties, as well as the New York state economy in terms of economic output, jobs and human capital.

The regional map illustrates the number of current students and alumni per county. To view, mouseover the regions.

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impact in 2015-2016 Academic Year


$1.22 billion on the region

$1.58 billion on New York state

278,000 visitors to campus spent approximately $8.7 million in the region

students in the region spent nearly $171 million 


14,561 direct/ indirect jobs supported in the region

Human Capital

More than 70,000 alumni live in New York state

Return on Investment

13% Binghamton University account of GDP for Broome and Tioga counties

$12 million the value of the work provided to area organizations through student volunteerism and internships

$47.5 2017-18 total research expenditures which represents increase of 19 percent, year to year



Last Updated: 8/22/18